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December 1, 2011

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Representative Tipton Joins Kurdish-American Caucus


The Kurdish-American Congressional Caucus gained another member, Scott Tipton (R-CO), bringing total membership in the caucus to forty-three. Congressman Tipton represents Colorado's 3rd district which encompasses the western third and most of the southern parts of the state. Before being elected to Congress in 2010, Tipton co-founded a small business and served in the Colorado House of Representatives where he worked on air and water quality issues. 

Currently he serves on the House Small Business Committee where he is chairman of the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Energy and Trade; the House Natural Resources Committee; and the House Committee on Agriculture. As a member of the Natural Resources Committee and the Subcommittee on Agricultural, Energy and Trade Tipton is influential in helping to shape US energy production and policy. 

For more information about Representative Tipton, please visit his website at  http://tipton.house.gov/  .

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