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November 26, 2012

The People of Kurdistan Call for Self-Governance 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Martin Zehr

The headline in the Washington Post reads:Turkey confronts a resurgent Kurdish threat But, the truth reads: There are no threats from Kurds. There are simply the calls for self-governance that motivate every people in the world. The word "threat" presupposes that there is some sort of motive by Kurds that is intent on the destruction of Turkey or the elimination of Turks. The actions of the Kurdistan Regional Government has provided a historical record that there is NO animosity on the part of the Kurdish people or their official representatives, even towards those who have persecuted Kurds so viciously and vehemently. Kurds do remember the tens of thousands killed by the Turkish militarists.  Elected Kurdish Mayors have been arrested en masse. Kurdish hunger strikers in prisons and out of them have demanded justice.  But the Kurdish fist does not strike out at random targets.  Kurds do remember the gassing at Halabja and the genocidal assaults from Al-Anfal campaign by the Baathists. But they govern with equanimity all peoples under their jurisdiction. Despite attacks by both the government and opposition groups in Syria, the Kurdish movement stands distinct in its determination to minimize the loss of blood. 

 Like the peoples of South Africa experienced with Nelson Mandela, the Kurdish people have witnessed their nominal governmental leader, Abdullah Ocalan, exiled and imprisoned in the hope that his flame would be extinguished. The Kurdish nation is emerging, but its emergence is a threat to no person or nation willing to grasp the justice of their movement. The Kurdistan Regional Government has held meetings with the representatives of Turkey for trade and mutual cooperation, even while the Peshmerga continues to defend the territorial integrity of the Kurdish Autonomous Region against the Turkish military deployments. In Western Kurdistan, agreements are reached with the parties engaged in the Syrian conflict and agreement has been reached by the national movement between the PYD and the KNC. The Kurdish representatives have sought to resolve the conflicts with the Dijla deployments, even while the government in Baghdad refuses to implement Article 140 and hold a referendum in Kirkuk. Kurds want their voice to be heard by the world. Kurds want the ability to determine their own destiny and the future of their children. They seek to harm no one. They are a threat to no one. 

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