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November 24, 2011

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Faili Kurdish asylum seekers in Australia sew lips

Kurdishaspect.com - By Raber Y. Aziz

Three Faili Kurdish asylum seekers at Australia's Darwin's immigration detention centre have sewn their lips shut in protest against the country's asylum policies.

Two other Kurds have also been moved to hospital after taking an overdose, according to activists.

The Faili Kurds have reportedly been in detention for between 18 and 22 months and had their applications for asylum rejected, according to Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition said. 

However, they could not be repatriated because they are stateless. "The government knows that it cannot send the Faili Kurds anywhere, yet they are being kept in detention," Mr Rintoul said in a statement.

The news has been confirmed by a spokesman from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship that there were protesting detainees at Dawrin last night, but she said the injuries were not life threatening without specifying whether their lips were sewn together.

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