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November 20, 2012

For the public in Kurdistan region and Iraq

Kudishaspect.com - Submitted By Warvin

All three presidencies of Kurdistan region and Iraq Political and social parties of Kurdistan region and Iraq Embassies and consulates of the foreign countries in Kurdistan region and Iraq Local and International organizations 

The new Iraq has arrived this point by sacrifices from all the ethnicities and blocs; it has passed through a very severe and tough situation for arriving where we are now. Despite of our worries and concerns regarding human rights, women rights and freedom in Iraq, we would like to release some demands where the country is about to have an unwished war between the Iraqi army and the Kurdish Peshmarga forces of the region :

  • First : An immediate control over all the disputes and issues arising between all the political and social parties in Iraq between the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi government which is leading it them to a war, the high officials should solve the issues themselves by taking the issues on a table and discuss them.
  • Second: We would like to ask the Iraqi government to regard the life standards and situations of more than two million of those women who lost their husbands while fighting terrorism in Iraq and spend all this national wealth on increasing life standards and basic services for the citizens in Iraq rather than spending them on buying weapons arms.
  • The Iraqi government should also start fighting corruption and stop wasting national wealth on weapon which is about to create a civil war where women and children will be the most targeted victims.
  • Third: We as Warvin foundation support a peaceful solution for all the issues and disputes and ask all the political blocs to refer to the constitution on solving the issues. We also condemn any military act by the Iraqi army which has cause a chaos in the "Disputed areas".
  • Fourth: We ask all the women and civil society organizations, by considering women situation in achieving political and social peace for women; show their support for a peaceful conflict resolution in Kurdistan region and Iraq.   

Shows you support for a peaceful resolution of the issues not allow any parties to start an unwanted to civil war so our women and children won't be victims of this unwanted war.

Warvin is a none-government foundation. Established on 2009 aiming to demonstrate the reality of women and advocate their rights. It is funded by a number of the international organizations and it is based in Erbil. It has a website purely dedicate to cover the women news. www.warvin.org   

Warvin foundations for women's issues

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