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November 12, 2012

Hunger strike in Madrid in solidarity with Kurdistan political prisoners

Kurdishaspect.com - Press Release

Kurdistan citizens in Madrid have joined the hunger strike that started in September, 12nd when 63 Kurdish political prisoners in Turkey began a hunger strike for a political solution to the Kurdish conflict, and that nowadays involves thousands of people (around 10,000) striving in different prisons across Turkey.

To support this strike, kurdish living in Madrid have also wanted to show their respect and join their compatriots in this claims. The hunger strike in Madrid started on Saturday, 10th, and will last three days. The kurdish demonstrators are placed in the headquartes of Asociación Cultural Castilla Comunera, in Vallekas, a neighborhood in southeastern Madrid. They are supported by Yesca, a youth collective from Castille, which is also fasting in solidarity with them.

They are striving to gain respect from the Turkish state for their basic human rights that have been suppressed for dozens of years. Basic rights as, for example, the right to use and be educated in their mother tongue and political rights such as the rights to freedom of expression and the right to equal citizenship. In addition, the strikers seek freedom for Abdulla Ocalan, the Kurdish leader of the Workers Party of Kurdistan (PKK) who has been imprisoned under terrible conditions in Turkish prisons for over 13 years, and that nowadays is isolated in a prison located in Imrali Island.

These claims must be considered not only by the Turkish State but by the International Community, in order to set the conditions for a peaceful and democratic negotiation for a solution to the Kurdish conflict.

Free Kurdistan! Free Castille!

Yesca | Asambleas de Madrid http://juventudrebelde.org

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