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November 9, 2012

The Komala Party Ends its 13th Congress!

Kurdishaspect.com - Rebwar Rashed

Between the days of 26th October 2012 and the 1st of November 2012 held the Komala Party, Komalay Zehmatkeshani Kurdistan, it´s 13th congress in the city of Sulaymani. The representative members were from many different places including Kurdistan. Everybody, including the guests, was allowed to participate fully and freely. 

The party tackled many different questions of which many of them were about the political situation in Rojhelati Kurdistan, the so called “Iranian Kurdistan” and the political situation in Iran.

The Komala Party sees Iran´s Islamic Regime as a dictatorship and a totalitarian regime that in its 34 years of life had murdered hundreds of thousands of people, militarized the Iranian society, has spent many billions of Iran’s money on mass destructions weapons, especially for producing atomic bomb, and has paralyzed Iran’s economy and destroyed the social life of the peoples of Iran by forcing an extreme religious ideology on them that don´t differ much from the Taliban’s.

The Komala Party focused on the situation of Kurdish nation in Iran too and believes concrete that the Kurdish people must enjoy all national and democratic rights which other nations have, including the right of having a sovereign state. But the Komala Party could accept federalism as a political solution when the different peoples in Iran decide to live together in a united Iran. The decision thus must be a free will of these people and should be based on the right to decide their own nation´s future. In any case of unclear political situation in Iran the Komala Party believes that the principle of holding a referendum in Kurdistan must be respected. The Komala Party sees the right of Kurds to self-determination based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity as a natural right, The Kurdish people must have the right to freely choose her sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsion or interference.

The Komala Party sees Iran as a multinational and multicultural country. The cry of the Arabs, Kurds, Beluches, Qeshqayi and other people in Iran for a free life and national rights must be respected. The Komala Party asks the United Nations and democratic states and organization to help the Iranian peoples determine their own future freely. 

The congress focused on the drug problems too which faces the Iranian people especially the youths. The Komala party believes that the Iranian Islamic Regime is behind the drug addiction problem especially in Kurdistan and see it as a way to de- politicize the youths of Kurdistan and harm Kurdish families and force them into unwanted and unexpected social problems.

The Komala Party is very worry about the Iranian Islamic Regime who tries it´s best to make war between the different religions in Iran and uses religion as a source of conflict and to separate people from each other. The Islamic Regime of Iran proclaims himself representing the Shiia society in Iran while in reality the poor, the working class and much of the middle-class of Shiias do not get much privilege out of this policy and are not winners of this forced Shiism. The Mullahs of Iran are just playing games and using the Shiia-thinking as an ideology for totalitarism and dictatorship.

The Komala Party focused on the question of women and the trafficking problem in Iran in a special manner. The women of Iran are facing an inhuman situation due to laws and regulations that goes back to the Middle Ages. The Komala Party´s program underlines very concrete solutions to the women question in Iran and Kurdistan and believes in a secular and equality between the sexes and genders.

The congress drafted a new program that underline the Party´s main focuses clearly and outlined an organization chart that is much democratic and allows more democratic practices and a just power relation along with more transparency and decentralized power. The Komala Party underlined clear paragraphs concerning nepotism and appointive power i.e. not to have or not to practice the authority to appoint individuals to party posts when they really have no party commitments or the party´s support. The Komala party believes on democratic class struggle and is against class violence and bloodshed and works for peace, prosperity and progress and brother- and sisterhood of classes and of nations. The Komala Party works to build a welfare state and a regulated capitalism in Kurdistan that can be a part of a just and functioning society.

The Komala Party believes in a pluralistic and a colorful society in Kurdistan and work for a parliamentary republic in Kurdistan and a democratic federal or confederate parliamentary republic in Iran when the different nations of Iran will choose to live together in a free Iran.

The Komala Party works to unite the progress parties in a united front and collect the democratic leftwing and democratic socialists in a progressive front. 

The congress was held in a democratic sphere and in a high spirit for dialogue and discussion. The congress decided to chose 19 members as members of Central Committee. Mr. Omar Ilkahnizadeh elected as the Chairman of the party. An executive committee will be chosen by the Central Committee members later on.

The Komala Party is delighted to hear the criticism, propositions/ suggestions and the views of friends and readers who believe in progress and national and democratic rights of nations and civil liberties.

On behalf of the Komala Party and the congress I thank everybody for their active participation. Special thanks to our distinguish guests who played a very constructive roll and to members of our staff in different areas that made the congress do its entire job nice and easy.

Rebwar Rashed A Central committee member and Komala party´s representation abroad  rebwarrashed@hotmail.com

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