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October 31, 2011

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Kurdish American Education Society Launches the Van Earthquake Relief Fundraising Campaign to Help Victims in the Kurdish areas in East Turkey

A 7.2 earthquake struck the Kurdish areas in East Turkey on October 23, thus far claiming over 1000 lives with the death toll rising and thousands injured. The massive earthquake has toppled many buildings in both urban and rural areas, trapping and burying many, leaving thousands of grieving people homeless, exposed to the freezing conditions as rescuers are trying to help dig out survivors.  An assessment of the disaster is yet to be made, but the mayor of a small town has said “There are so many dead. Some buildings collapsed, there is too much destruction. We need help, we need doctors!”  The gruesome images we have seen bespeak of utter devastation, immense loss and affliction. The victims and their families are in dire need of help and support to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. 

Kurdish American Education Society (KAES) in its capacity as a non-profit humanitarian organization is launching the Van Earthquake Relief Funding campaign as an appeal to its fellow Kurds, all philanthropists, NGOS, and international relief organizations to provide emergency relief aid to the survivors of the tragic earthquake. We greatly appreciate donations for the relief funds to be distributed directly among the affected populations. Please support the Van Earthquake Relief Funding Campaign of KAES  through your donations to help the quake survivors in the monumental work of recovery and re-construction in the affected areas. You can make donations through the following alternatives:

Direct Deposit at any Bank of America Branch office  Or Online transfer from your Bank to:                                                PAY TO:


ROUTING No: 122000661

ACCOUNT NO: 0205677279                                       

Wire Transfer to:                                                

Bank of America

100 West 33 rd St.

New York, NY 10001,

Domestic: ABA/Transit No: 026009593, Account No. 0205677279

International: Swift Code: BOFAUS3N, Account No. 0205677279

 U.S. Mail checks payable to Kurdish American Education Society to:

KAES P.O. Box 1677 Claremont, CA 91711-8677 Kurdish American Education Society (KAES) is a non-profit, non-governmental, cultural and educational Society based in Los Angeles, providing educational and cultural publications and events on Kurdish issues. KAES comprises professionals and academicians who promote cultural dialogue and participate in global humanitarian work.


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