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October 28, 2011

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Wan Earthquake help needed!


Contact: Luqman Barwari Tel: (+1) 805.402.6440 Email: wanearthquakefund@gmail.com

On October 23, an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude, followed by hundreds of aftershocks, hit Wan, a Kurdish province in Southeast Turkey, and have wrought immeasurable suffering among the people in the area.  As of now, at least 535 residents of Wan and Erci? have perished, 2300 injured, and countless people have been made homeless. The final count was likely to rise further as many people were still missing and possibly trapped under the rubble of around 4000 totally destroyed or badly damaged buildings. The feelings of worry and heartache are almost too difficult to bear, but the survivors in Wan are showing their fortitude and are doing their best to help one another in this trying time. Together, we can help the people of Wan. We can send a powerful message to them that the peoples in the United States have come together to help the people of Wan in their time of urgent need. We can provide much needed funds that will provide direct relief to the people of Wan in the form of rescue shelters, water, food, generators, gas, medicine, medical equipment, personal hygiene items, bedding, warm clothing, and rebuilding materials. As a community of caring, the Wan Earthquake Relief Fund Committee, consisting of representatives of various Kurdish organizations across the U.S. and their friends have come together to show our support. The Committee has opened a bank account for “1 Earthquake Fund/Kurdish Alliance of America”. Your donations will be made available to Sarma??k Association (The Association for Struggle against Poverty and Sustainable Development), a Diyarbakir based civil society organization that also has a branch in Wan, which is currently providing relief and aid to victims of the earthquake. 

1 Earthquake Fund/Kurdish Alliance of America (“1 for Wan”)

Bank Name: PNC Bank  Routing Number: 031 207 607 Account Number: 805 007 5592

Alternatively, your gift donation check can be made payable to “1 Earthquake Fund - Kurdish Alliance of America.” Address: 27 Autum Street Lodi, NJ 07644

Paypal Information: 

Paypal information will become available the next few days, please visit our website www.oneforwan.org

What is Sarma??k Association?

Sarma??k is an organization which was established by a group of concerned individuals and civil society organization under the guidance and leadership of Diyarbakir Municipality in Turkey in 2006 to fight against poverty in the Kurdish region. Sarma??k Association also has a branch in Wan. North American Kurdish organizations have successfully worked with Sarma??k 

Association in past disaster relief efforts, and we urge people of conscience everywhere to support their work. 

Who Are The Wan Earthquake Relief Fund Committee?

The Committee consists of representatives of various Kurdish organizations across the United States and their supporters. The Committee pledges transparency in the fundraising process and is responsible for delivering donated funds to Sarma??k Association. Any question and inquiry can be directed to any of the following committee members. 

Luqman Barwari (Los Angeles) General coordinator,  Kurdish National Congress North America (KNC-NA) Tel: (+1) 805.402.6440 Email: lbarwari@gmail.com 

Mehmet Akbas (New England) New England Kurdish Association (NEKA) Tel: (+1) 401.837.5161 Email: makbas2005@yahoo.com

Rebaz Qaradaghi (Nashiville) Kurdish American Youth Organization (KAYO) Tel: (+1) 615.400.3380 Email: rqaradaghi@gmail.com 

Figen Hosgur (+1) 805. 689.3223 Hivda Ugur (+1) 650. 619.3762 (San Francisco) CA Kurdish Community Center (CalKurd) Email: calkurd@gmail.com 

Servet Tosun (New Jersey) American Kurdish Association (AKA) Tel: (+1) 973.294.8346 Email: servettosun@gmail.com

Kelly Stuart (New York) Kurdish American Society (KAS) Tel: (+1) 347.794.4318 Email: kellystuart7@gmail.com 

Deniz Ekici (Nashville) Tel: (+1) 646.491.0509 Email: denizekici@yahoo.com

Jake Hess (Washington, DC) Tel: (+1) 202.957.3761 Email: jakerhess@gmail.com 

Natsumi Ajiki (Washington, DC) Tel: (+1) 917.856.0468 Email: najiki@mac.com  

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