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October 28, 2011

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Situation in Kurdistan

Kurdishaspect.com - By Diyar

Turks are people who have never contributed anything to improve the world, but still see themselves as the superior race. I’m trying to think of some achievements in sport, art or research but I can’t find anything. They never see their shortcomings, they consider them self to the best and knowing everything. Is it possible for people to improve themselves if they don’t see their own deficiencies? I don’t think so. Why change something that’s perfect? This means that the history of Turkey/Turks will end as it started, with war.

There are conflicts on other parts of the world as well, but what is going on in Kurdistan is nothing but disgrace to all democracies. Countries that watch while millions of people are being suppressed by a self-proclaimed supremacy cannot call themselves democracies, it is hypocrisy. In this case they are not only watching they are supporting this anti-democracy as well, which means they are not less guilty than Turks. They are supporting in it in both word and action.

Some people, even Kurds, to believe that Turkey will become a democracy one day and braces themselves to the idea that Kurds and Turks will be able to live side by side in peace and harmony. This will be possible only if Kurds accept all their demands, if Kurds completely surrender. We have seen governments of all kinds in Turkey; we have seen socialists, social democrats, religious and nationalists. None of them has ever seen the Kurds as equals and all of them have denied even the most fundamental human rights for the Kurds. This has been going on in decades! Can anybody tell me what we can do in order to get our leader to understand that we are enemies to all Turks?!

Isn’t it time for the Kurds to unite under same flag and fight for their rights together? I don’t care about the colors of the flag. The important thing is that we are united, that is what will determine whether we will ever be free. Year 2011 and our enemies still denies our existence, they are still not showing any respect for the Kurdish people.

It’s a shame for all democracies to watch Kurdish people being suppressed, but it’s an even bigger and worse shame for us being busy fighting each other while our enemies are united against us.

A frustrated Kurdish man without power

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