Turkish State Terrorism and Turkish State Repression block any peaceful solution to Kurdish Question in Turkey.


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Sign the petition for Iraq's three-region solution Opinion Turkish State Terrorism and Turkish State Repression block any peaceful solution to Kurdish Question in Turkey 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Hevallo 

The Turkish state is using every weapon in its arsenal to carry out a sustained policy of complete annihilation of ''The Kurdish Question' and all democratic avenues are being closed. 

Someone, somewhere has decided that the old policy of denial and forced assimilation and repression is to be brought back to the fore. 

The recent events of whole scale repression, including 'state terrorism' in Beyebap and the political and illegal war being waged against the Kurdish deputies of the DTP is a war on the Kurdish people in Turkey. 

The Kurdish people who voted for the AKP in the hope that they saw them as the best hope for bringing a peaceful and political solution to The Kurdish Question in Turkey will be feeling betrayed, humiliated and very angry indeed. Any hope that anyone had after Gul's visit to Kurdistan is fast evaporating. After all he was only going to visit the front line and give support to the TSK who are pursuing a purely military line (Turkish Armed Forces) and it was a cruel irony that he was welcomed as a hope for peace. General Buyukanit and the Turkish Generals are the ones in charge in Turkey. Just as the Generals rule Burma so they run Turkey! 

If the Kurdish Freedom Movement were now to look at this situation and come to the obvious conclusion. That no-one, no-one is putting forwards solutions for dialogue and peace and the only voices that are being heard are voices of war and hatred coming from the Turkish side, then, who could not see that they would be left with little or no room to continue their efforts for peace and who knows the future if a decision is made to shut down further peace overtures and settle down for the long war! 

It seems to me that they have been left with little choice. 

Nobody in Europe is listening to the increasingly exasperated calls being made from the Kurdish side for attention to the rapidly deteriorating situation. No-one! 

The situation is sliding back to how the situation was in the nineties and nobody is doing anything to prevent it. The consequences for Turkey and the surrounding region are dire. 

The patience of the Kurdish people will soon explode! 

Every Kurdish person and anyone who holds sympathy for the Kurdish struggle must be pro active in terms of bringing this situation to the attention of the media, politicians and non governmental organisations. 

The Kurdish Freedom Movement needs you! 

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