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October 9, 2011

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We condemn the assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo! 

The Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan

The assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo, a Kurdish political activist on Friday the 7th of October 2011 in his hometown in Kurdistan/ Syria, is not to be seen as a simple case. The Syrian government, in the past 60 years has gone on the path of Turkey’s policy against the Kurds in Syria. 

The Kurds are denied as Kurdish people. According to Syrian officials there are no Kurds in Syria. The Kurds calls “Guests in Arab land/ Syria”. Kurds has been moved systematically into Arab cities. There are at least 2 millions of Kurds who has been moved by force to many Arab cities in Syria, especially Damascus.

In the last 60 years the Syrians have tried to isolate the Kurds from the rest of the world. The public service, education, health care, infrastructure and other fields are on a primitive level in Kurdistan in Syria. The aim, as it is well known, is to keep the Kurds as isolated, as uneducated and as poor as possible. 

The state of Turkey who itself occupies a large number of Kurds and a most piece of Kurdish land, despite of ideological and other differences with Syria, has been a protector of this policy. 

No matter what kind of differences are between these occupation states of Kurdistan, they have always cooperated heartedly together against the Kurdish people. Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria had and still have military and security agreements together against so called “Kurdish terrorism”. Any achievements by the Kurds in one country are seen as a threat to the others national interest. 

Turkey has done everything it can against the Kurds in Syria, especially in last months. Turkey has forced the Syrian opposition groups to not allow the Kurds in their conferences. 

Turkey fears that any rebellion by the Kurds in Syria will eventually lead to be an open window on its own Kurds in Turkey. 

The Kurds in Turkey has the most organized liberation movement in the history of the Kurds. Turkey too can be the one behind the assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo. Turkey has of course much to win in short terms, for instance to scare the Kurdish activists in Syria to not talk about a free Kurdistan. To win time for Turkey is very important. It is Turkey´s strategy to force the Kurds to go behind the political developments, especially in cases where the UN, the USA and EU are active. 

But in long terms the assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo will definitely encourage the Kurds to take up arms against Assad regime and that will push the country closer to civil war, something that really scare the Turks.

 While the Assad regime talking about the Philistines and see itself as their protector, it does not allow the Kurds, the original inhabitants of the area, to even speak Kurdish, or to read Kurdish in schools or simply to set up some local Kurdish radio stations. This is the true face of barbaric occupation countries. 

The assassination of Mr. Meshaal al-Tammo who was a charismatic opposition figure in West Kurdistan (Kurdistan occupied by Syria) will be answered by more demands by the Kurds in Syria for a free Kurdistan.

These occupation states have opened the gates of hell by themselves. The Kurds have nothing to lose but their chains of slavery and oppression.

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