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September 23, 2011

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To the world opinion

The Social Democratic party of Kurdistan 

The Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke out against Israel at the UN summit and called Turkish support for a Palestinian state “unconditional”. 

Mr. Erdogan said furthermore that “it is necessary to put pressure on Israel to achieve peace.” And he continued “What you face today is not a simple equation of peace for security… You must read the newly flourishing political and human geography in the Middle East.”  Looking at his speech at a Kurdish and democratic/ human point of view, we can say that Mr. Erdogan will himself take the Kurdish issue, which is an issue of 25 millions of Kurdish people (In Turkey alone!), to the UN by himself and will call for an independent Kurdish state. By the same measure which is his, Turkey must pay billions of dollars too in compensation to Kurdish people in Turkey. 

Turkey has destroyed more than 4 000 Kurdish villages and killed thousands of innocent Kurdish people and denies the very existence of the Kurdish nation. Turkey has occupied Kurdistan and exterminates Kurdish people systematically since 1925. 

The Iranian leader Mr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad says very much that should be the matter of concern to everybody, not just for the Jewish people. The things he says should be investigated by the International Court of Justice.  Mr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad proclaims that 'Palestine will one day be liberated' and he called for total war against Israel. But Mr. Ahmadinejad himself represents an imperial state (Read Iran!) which occupies East Kurdistan, Ahwaz Arabs, the Balucstan, Turkmenistan and etc. The Iranian atrocities in Kurdistan are international crimes and are a crime against humanity. Kurdistan is simply destroyed and Kurdish people lives in  poverty and horror.  The Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan asks the democratic world opinion to an end to the Turkish and the Iranian occupation of Kurdistan and we ask for International support to our very just cause. The Kurdish nation is in fact the largest nation in the world which doesn´t have a state of its own.  

The Iranian leader Mr. Ahmadinejad is representing a terrorist state and should really not be allowed to hold speech at the UN!  

Support a Kurdistan state! 

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