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September 15, 2011

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The "Real" Iraq in 70 minutes

Kurdishaspect.com - By The Angry Kurd

Those interested in learning about the REAL Iraq should watch this interview (in Arabic) with Faeq al-Sheikh Ali, who was among the Iraqi opposition that met in London's 2002 pre-invasion meeting. I do not know much about this man, but it seems he quickly understood the reality of "Operation Iraqi Freedom", and refused to participate in the planned theft and rape of the country, or that Green-Zone joke of an Iraqi "parliament" - where murderous imbeciles, known in Iraq as “politicians”, sell their soul, country, dignity and self-respect for cheap.

Clearly an intellectual, he's been quiet for 9 years, and has finally broke his silence, airing dirty laundry - certainly worth watching (especially from 7 minutes to 18"):

Onwards and upwards in the "New" Iraq... and now Facebook and Twitter's NATO-corporate-sponsored "Spring revolutions": neoliberal, neo-mercantile imperialism dressed in the guise of people's very real suffering and misery, imposed for decades by dictators until recently supported by... Wait, wasn't Blair shaking Ghadafi's and Mubarak's hands, not long ago?... Sadly, we all know this tragic, never-ending vortex of a story...

As I've always said, and again reaffirm: "The Middle East - Hopeless". I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with this - I've washed my hands of those ******* idiots long ago.

Signed: The Angry Kurd

Note: I can't help but have the suspicion that the intellectually-challenged TV presenter was an ex-Baathist, by his condescending, interrogating style. Dim-witted journalism seems to have been inherited from the “Old” Iraq.

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