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September 13, 2011

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Fight for your independence! 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Farhad Ali

Numerous oppressed nations of the world have risen up lately, and seized the “Arab Spring” opportunity to appeal for their rights to self-determination. Most have thrived and the wave of struggle pushes on. Many new nation-states have been established. The term “Kurdistan” has subsisted along with us for centuries, but a state to shelter our lonesome nation has not yet been born. 

For decades, the 40 million bereft Kurds in Syria, Iran and Turkey have been struggling against tyranny and dictatorship to achieve their national independence, as well. 

The 6 million plus Kurd in South Kurdistan {Iraq} hold in their hands a very unique prospect; however, they have been misled by their leaders, and influenced to consent to the least possible by external powers. Foreign intervention has been the major cause of our nations’ miseries and our country’s dependency.

Today, our leaders have not only forgotten the true cause behind those old times revolutions, but even stepped up further by portraying their willingness to offer cooperation to the opponents of our freedom. Instead of loitering to turn Kurdish Regional Government into a permanent member state of the international community, they continue to misrepresent the true ambitions of Kurdish citizens. 

Sunk in pleasure and embezzlement, they have marketed Kurdistan to the foreigners. Our people did not offer sacrifices so that a select group of people can ransack and direct the country as per their wills, while overlooking the demands of the overwhelming majority.

False promises followed by false promises without any tangible outcomes. None of public demands, including implantation of Article 140, merger of Peshmarge administrations, an end to prevalent corruption, introduction of genuine reforms and fiscal government accountability, have been implemented.

South Kurdistan should and could have been proclaimed as an independent state by now. Kurds all over the world can hold peaceful, similar demonstrations for statehood as they did in protest of Turkish-Iranian shelling of Kurdish border areas in Iraq if not impeded by Kurdish political leaders. 

Kurds in South Kurdistan must rise up for their independence, and Kurdish leaders should not be allowed to intervene and call them off.

We must obtain our independence, and there will never a better opportunity than now!

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