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September 12, 2010 RE: Burning the Koran and its Possible Implications  

Kurdishaspect.com - By Ruwayda Mustafah Rabar 

I recently came across a commentary posted on Kurdishaspect by Sayeh Hassan, and given that Kurdish aspect publishes the works of writers that have something to contribute in light of global events, and particularly Kurdistan, I was surprised at the very least to see bold statements from Sayeh Hassan about the Islamic religion which is predominantly followed by Kurds worldwide. The resentment which Sayeh Hassan has displayed towards Islam, and thereby the followers of Islam is understandable since Sayeh Hassan is Iranian and is influenced by the predominate male-centric society of backward individuals that speak of religion in Iran. What is of particular significance is that Iran predominantly follows an interpretation of Islam that is largely rejected by the majority of Muslims worldwide - A shi`a version of Islam.

As a Kurdish Muslim woman, I feel offended, and deeply irritated that Sayeh Hassan has presumed that we Muslim Kurds have not read our holy scripture, and thereby are blind followers of Islam. She expresses her comment of Islam being ‘oppressive, violent, and sexist’ and in fact Islam is the total opposite of being oppressive, violent and inherently sexist. These are interpretations that Iranian clerics have imposed upon Iranian citizens, and her battle is not with Islam, but with clerics that seek to undermine the status of women, and uphold the male centric interpretation of Muslim scriptures. She claim that millions of Muslims ‘worship and follow blindly’ the holy Islamic scripture, but this is not only patently false, but also illustrates a severe degree of ignorance, if not arrogance about the followers of Islam.

To take her statement seriously, one would have to consider the extensive research she must have conducted in order to know that Millions of Muslims worldwide have not read the holy Qur`an, but is this true? The fact is, Millions of Muslims have not only read the Holy Qur`an but also memorised it. The reality is that she displays a great amount of prejudice and bigotry which needs to be addressed in the most direct, and concise terms. 

Muslim women worldwide have commented on the Islamic scripture, and elucidated the nature of Islamic thought which has emerged in respect to women for decades, but they have not been critical, or ignorant as Sayeh Hassan has been in her short, unmannerly, and inconsistent commentary about the status of women in Islam. In addition, the burning of the Qur`an has received worldwide attention because of a extremist pastor that has no respect, tolerance or understanding towards other religions.

Sayeh Hassan refers to the Islamic scripture and claims people should challenge it, but does not provide an concise or academically accredited argument to substantiate her prejudice, and bigoted words against Islam, and Muslims, in particular Muslim women. Her claims, by way of implication portray Muslim women worldwide as ignorant, naïve, and deprived of their intellect. In addition, it seems we need to encourage her to read the Holy Qur`an, and to think carefully about her words which are more or less meaningless as they insult Millions of Muslim, who could not care less about her flimsy commentary. 


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