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September 7, 2011

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Letter to US President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, Senate Foreign Relations Committee 

Kurdishaspecct.com - By Kurdish-Americans and Kurdish Canadian Citizens

We, as Kurdish-Americans and Kurdish Canadian, would like to submit the following letter to President Barack Obama, the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as well as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 

September 06, 2011 

To:  President Barack Obama Vice President Joseph Biden The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  The Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Senate Foreign Relations Committee Subject:  Turkish and Iranian military actions inside Kurdistan region (Northern Iraq). Dear Mr. President, Dear Mr. Vice President Dear Secretary Clinton, Dear Secretary Gates, Dear Senate Foreign Relations Committee

We are writing to you on behalf of a large number of Kurdish-Americans concerned about Turkish and Iranian military actions inside Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq.

The killing of civilians and the destruction of villages - homes and property represent a gross violation of the Geneva conventions.

Turkish and Iranian Army flattened a series of small villages ranging between 20 and 70 kilometers inside Iraq. The attacks against civilian Kurds are violent invasion of territory.

Both countries are bound by international law. The effect of Article 2(4) Charter of the United Nations is very simple. It makes it illegal under international law to use force against another state.

The 1970 Declaration on Principles of International Law describe the duty as one to avoid "military, political, economic or any other form of coercion aimed against the political independence or territorial integrity of any state." It is clear that any form of punitive action is illegal. It is also important to note that it is not just the use of force that is prohibited, but the threat of force. This raises questions as to the legality of these two countries determination to continue their military cross-border operations.

Turkey stated that these raids were with consent of the United States and providing intelligence assistance and information to Turkey and we all know that the United States, in charge of monitoring Iraqi airspace!!

We strongly condemn Turkish air strikes and Iranian military actions which were probably designed to terrorize the local Kurdish civilians, we urge you to do everything necessary in your power to protect civilian Kurds and call upon Turkish government to immediately end the military actions and use dialogue to solve their internal issues particularly Kurdish issue. A continuous escalation of the conflict will cause more suffering to civilians in the region, which so far has been de-stabilizing part of Iraq.

Finally we request to ensure in all circumstances the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and with international and regional human rights instruments ratified by Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

We look for your urgent intervention into this matter.

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