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Sign the petition for Iraq's three-region solution August 29, 2008 Message to the Kurdish Nation! Message to the Kurdish Youth! - By Minhaj Akreyi

For a nation like the Kurds, I think every single Kurd should be some way or the other be busy, active, or should be doing something relating to the freedom of Kurdistan. It does not matter what it is, it does not matter who is it with as long as it is Kurdayati, for Kurd u Kurdistan. Every Kurd should but I am especially talking about us youth. We are the future of Kurdistan; we are the generation that Kurdistan needs to be liberated and be freed and to safeguard our country, people, and future. 

Get with Kurdish organization to promote Kurdish culture, raise awareness to the Kurdish problems, to involve young Kurds to get together to work as one, for the freedom of Kurds, for the freedom of Kurdistan. We Kurdish youth need to get active to also motivate and support the youth to better lives as for education, career, job, family, or any kind of support that maybe needed. 

Walatno, as we all know there is a very little attention on the Kurds that we need to reverse that; all these atrocities, assimilations, killings, murdering, destructions, ethnic cleansing going on in parts of Kurdistan needs to stop, needs to come to an end. But how will it come to an end? Will the Iranian, Turkish, Syrian, Armenian, and the Iraqi governments just stop their heinous and malicious act towards the Kurds and treat us as human? Or will America, Israel, Britain, France, Russia, Germany or any other will rise against our merciless enemies and make them come to stop? Or, will it be me, you, us Kurds who will unite as one against all and fight? 

Walatno, the saying "NO FRIENDS BUT THE MOUNTAINS" is not said because it is partially true or true only in some parts of Kurdistan. It is true in every sense, it is true for every single Kurd, it is true and we have experienced it with terrible ways and there are plenty of examples all the way from the times of Medes to Shiekh Mahmod Barzinji where he fought the British Army, to Shiekh Said Pirani where at the age of 80 he was hanged, to the destruction of the Republic of Mahabad to the fall of Shoresh to Anfal and Halabja to the capturing of Abdullah Ocalan to recently this past February attack on our brothers and sisters in Qandil Mountains to now where they are trying the hardest to block Kirkuk, heart of Kurdistan, Jerusalem of Kurdistan, to be annexed back to Kurdistan. 

Walatno, we need to focus on anything that will lead it to an inch of freedom to our people back home, to an inch of equality to us Kurds. Only because South Kurdistan is now controlled by us Kurds does not mean we are free. The other four parts of Kurdistan is still under assimilations, killings, and inequality. There is still a big threat over our heads. Only because we are here safe in the Western world does not give us any right to forget or neglect our people, our land, our country, our ancestors who fought for us, for our freedom, for our struggle so that we can continue it. 

Get involve in the Kurdish community, get involve in the Kurdish organizations, and get busy doing activities to show the problems of the Kurds, the troubles of the Kurds under our occupiers.

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