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August 5, 2011

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Turkey's New Repackaged War Against Kurds!

Kurdishaspect.com - By Hevallo Azad

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed a 'new repackaged war' against the Kurds! It is a mixture of psychological warfare and his own new idea of a 'elite military police force' against the Kurdish Freedom Fighters and Freedom Movement of PKK!

Tayyip Erdogan's so called 'idea' of a 'Kurdish initiative' was not an idea but a last defensive desperate tactic designed to stall the Kurdish Freedom Movement until such time as AKP had their police and army in position to make war on the Kurds on their terms.

Now, after the Kurdish historical election victory and the contempt he showed to its results he is ready for war!

Turkey is already carrying out military operations all over NW Kurdistan and has joined with Iran in operations in S Kurdistan as well!

With the resignation of the Turkish Generals and the appointment of the General, Necdet Ozel or 'Chemical Necdet' (as he is now known because of his command of an operation that killed 20 Kurdish Freedom Fighters in a cave by gassing them!) Erdogan is showing his true colours and his long held view and intention of full scale war against the PKK, the political representatives of the Kurdish people in Turkey!

The other tactic he has chosen is the old Ottoman classical psychological warfare by trying to divide and confuse the Kurdish people!

But he insults the intelligence of everyone if he really believes that by bringing a Kurdish poet who ran away from the Kurdish struggle 31 years ago and by giving him gifts and treating him like royalty he is going to fool the Kurds, then he is gravely mistaken!

All he has done is to show his true colours, intentions and face!

Erdogan and AKP never once, while the PKK/BDP/KCK/DTK/Kongra-Gel searched time and time again for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey, he never once, made ANY indication that he preferred the peaceful political road!

Because he did not!

He has been preparing and implementing his own disastrous policy of jailing Kurdish MP's, suppressing Kurdish political activists, banning Kurdish media and jailing Kurdish journalists.

At the same time he has tried desperately to court individual Kurdish intellectuals such as Sivan Perwer to his cause and shamefully Kemal Burkey is now dancing to the tune of AKP and assisting Erdogan in his military/psychological war against the Kurds.

Today the 'KCK Trial' Kurdish politicians, human rights workers, political activists dragged from their homes and held for over a year without charge was postponed!

This trial set to continue tomorrow will be the final evidence that Erdogan is set on war with the Kurds.

He has an opportunity to release the defendants and allow the six who were elected in the July election to rejoin the BDP bloc and for the bloc to enter parliament!

He has that choice he can make tomorrow!

But the 2 year jail sentence given to Aysel Tugluk does not indicate that to be a possibility!

Don't let anyone say that the PKK does not want peace! It has struggled for peace and Ocalan has done everything to try and facilitate a political process that has been IGNORED by AKP!

Let ANYONE give evidence that Erdogan wants peace! There is no such evidence ANYWHERE!

And all availible evidence that we know points to the fact that he has built up his own AKP plan for another Turkish military attempt of annihilation of the Kurdish Freedom Movement!

Erdogan has repackaged the Turkish military's racist annihilation strategy and is implementing it, full steam ahead!


Erdogan does not want peace but has unleashed a full scale war!

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