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July 31, 2010 Turkish Kurdistan: Young Kurds create “Self Defense Units”, declare Esentepe District “autonomous” 

Youth of Yüksekova declares Autonomy in a District

Firat News Agency - Translator:  Berna Ozgencil

Following the protest demonstration on  28 July against the lynch attempts in  Dörtyol/Hatay and in ?negöl/Bursa, a  group of young people in  Yüksekova/Hakkari gave itself the  name “Gever Self-Defense Units” and  have declared autonomy in Esentepe  District. 

Stating that they won’t let any police or  soldier in the district, the group mounts  guard at the entry of the district at night. 

It has been recorded that police are trying to set foot in the district and to get a grip on the situation while locating panzers at many points in the district. 

Additionally, the group members are distributing leaflets with “Gever Self-Defense Units” signature and renamed the district as “Martyr Beritan District”. 

After closing Yüksekova-Van way to traffic, young demonstrators lighted a fire in Esentepe District, which they renamed as “Martyr Beritan District”. Chanting slogans and distributing leaflets, the group stated that they renamed other 9 more districts and added; “We will be declaring autonmy in this district soon.” 

This article is reprinted with permission from Firat News Agency (ANF).

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