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July 11, 2012

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Why I think you should vote for Joe Coors

Kurdishaspect.com – By Ardalan Hardi

Every election we the voters consistently hear the same lofty rhetoric from political candidates.  We know most of what they promise us during the campaign will be forgotten once elected. Regardless, we still vote for the ones who can smooth talk their way through the political process without ever knowing who the candidates are as individuals.  I am not talking about where a candidate stands on each issue. I believe the manner in which a person behaves on a daily basis is indicative of their personality and how they will conduct themselves in a broader sense.  The way one:  manages a business,  socializes,  handles personal affairs, volunteers time for worthy causes, and even how one plays golf shows their true self.  Observing people during their daily affairs teaches you about their Integrity, Fairness, Creativity and intelligence. These factors are the true indicators of one’s personality and the best indicator of what you can expect from them in the future

Joe Coors is a man that exudes all of the fore mentioned qualities and more. I can say that about him because I have had the honor of calling him friend. He is a straight shooter, an honest person with a humbling and affable personality that is rare in today’s world.   Two simple reasons to elect Joe Coors

  • He has run a successful business.  Joe knows how to balance a check book. (If you or I run our household or businesses like Washington runs the government by writing one bad check after another we would be in jail).
  • Joe is not a career politician, but someone who is fed-up with the demagoguery in today’s Washington and is truly interested in making a change for better. (He is not in it for money or notoriety because he has both already).

We need leaders not job seekers. Leaders that can make the tough decisions needed in order to get back on track to a better future. 

Aristophanes said  “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.”  What is happening in our state capital with respect to spending is nothing but stupid.  It is time to end this stupidity and send those to Washington that are capable of leading this nation in the right direction.  

Vote for Joe Coors. +

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