"> Soraya Fallah is the 2012 joint recipient of the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Paper Award


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June 25, 2012

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Soraya Fallah is the 2012 joint recipient of the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Paper Award 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Cklara Moradian 

For the past twenty-three years, the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation has gathered professionals, scholars, and artists at an annual conference held in cities around the world to celebrate the work and accomplishments of Iranian women in scholarly and artistic fields. During these gatherings attendees share the results of research, enjoy the creative work of their colleagues, and exchange ideas and plan for the future. Since 2007, IWSF has awarded the Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Award to worthy scholarly work related to Iranian women in order to recognize students, independent writers, researchers, and activists whose work is contributing to the feminist discourse related to Iranian women. This year, Soraya Fallah have been chosen as Joint Recipient with Marie Ostby for the IWSF 2012 Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Award. 

Her analysis and  work on “Levels of Oppression: Angles of Resistance:An Analysis of Kurdish Women’s Situation in Iran”  has been recognized by the Iranian Women’s Studies Foundation as deserving of the Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Award; published on their website.

In an interview with Soraya Fallah she indicated that : in the congratulation letter the Chief Executive Officer of IWSF, Mrs. Golnaz Amin  indicated a that “Our advisors found your paper, ‘Levels of Oppression; Angles of Resistance: An Analysis of Kurdish Women’s Situation in Iran’ very sound and interesting, a good discussion on the position of women in the Kurdish areas of Iran, analyzing the oppression and resistance of Kurdish women from different perspectives.”  In response, Soraya stated that she is deeply honored to learn that she has been chosen as the joint recipient of this important award. She believes that there is an academic void when it comes to research on women from minority groups in Iran. She hopes that her work can inspire other writers and researchers to look into this fascinating and important subject so that a broader understanding of this very complex subject can be reached. The Award was presented by Nahid Shahidian at IWSF 2012 conference held at MIT Cambridge June 15-17, 2012. Soraya Fallah’s paper, biography, and acceptance speech will be published in the IWSF 2012 Conference Proceedings in the next few months. Soraya was also one of the IWSF’s speaker when the conference was held in UC Berkeley .

Soraya believes that IWSF played a big role in researching and promoting Iranian women’s work and art. Soraya is a Kurdish-Iranian writer, life-long human rights advocate, and a dedicated activist. She published several books in Iran and her articles in English, Farsi, and Kurdish are regularly published in several international media outlets and magazines. She is a regular commentator on radio broadcasts about culture, human rights, and women’s rights in Iran and Kurdistan. In April 2012 she was the recipient of the “2012 Leadership and Human Rights” award from The Sheriff's Indo-American Council. Her story was featured in the short documentary titled For Kurdistan from the docu-series “Angels of Iran” produced by David Hoffman. 

http://iwsf2012.org/awards.html http://iwsf.org/

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