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June 19, 2012

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Go to sleep

Poem by: Hayat Majeed Parkhi  Translated by: Karwan Kamil 

Go to sleep in the pages of a book, which is quieter than my embrace

Go to sleep in a vase, you won’t be deprived of the scent of soil

Go to sleep in the palms of a leaves, you will be soaked by its dew

Sleep in a grail of wine, you will become intoxicated gradually

Sleep on the heart of a wave; you will be rocked gently

Sleep under the moonlight, It will wash you with its light

Sleep ion the sheaf of wheat, you won’t be deprived of its blessing

Sleep on the wings of a gull, I am writing on her beak “I love you”

If you sleep anywhere in the globe, it will be warmer than my embrace, my embrace is a frost

I don’t regret its melting, but I am fearful of your drwoning

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