Social and Political Rationalities of ‘Lean Policy’




Sign the petition for Iraq's three-region solution June 12, 2008 Social and Political Rationalities of ‘Lean Policy’ - By Karim Hasan Abdullah 

This Manuscript:

This manuscript is the text of my Research Essay that I submitted to the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in partial requirement for the fulfillment of my Master of Arts in Sociology in August 2004.  The main focus of this research project is an application of social and political (SP) ‘rationalities of lean policy’ of liberal governance, which is also the economic-social (ES) application of politics fiscal management. 

Currently, June 2008, I am working on application of SP rationalities of lean policy to academic community.  This research and its critical analysis may be applied, mobilized for understanding spending policies in variety of programs from criminal justice system to other government programs. Community Corrections is a case study sample in this research project.  

Now, four years after the completion of this project, I deem practices of governmentality abusive and coercive, because they lack the space for application of conscious freedom of choice. 

Canada is an advanced democratic state. It cannot be compared to the young government and the civil society institutions of Kurdistan Region.  However, by the way of analogy, this research may help to contribute to the development of government and civil society institutions of Kurdistan Regional.  

After decades of war and the genocide of Kurds, Kurdistan is in need of humanitarian attention. I encourage the government of Canada to pay attention to that there is a positive humanitarian contribution Canada can make to social, political and economic justice in Kurdistan Region, which will be will be welcomed.


I am much indebted to my supervisor professor Phillip Thurtle of University of Washington, Seattle, for supervising my Master of Sociology.  Professor Thrutle’s methods of teaching are admirably engaging and educational.  I thank professor Neil Gerlach of Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University for setting on my committee.  Professor Gerlach’s resourceful advice and lecture methods are admirably educational.

To read the thesis, in its entirety click on:  Social and Political Rationalities of ‘Lean Policy’

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