A Communicative Agonistic Theory of Governance


May 15, 2008 A Communicative Agonistic Theory of Governance

Kurdishaspect.com - By Karim Hasan 

A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirement  for the degree of Master of Arts Department of Law Carleton University Ottawa, Canada Karim Hasan 2002 

This manuscript:

This manuscript is the text of my Master’s Degree Thesis in Legal Studies that defended at Carleton University in September 2002.

Since the completion of my first M.A., my view of J?rgen Habermas’ philosophy of communicative action, his modernity as an unfinished project has transformed. This transformation has occurred in my academic carrier in the last six years during obtaining my M.A. in Sociology, my Ph.D. course work and my doctoral comprehensive examination. While I still see Michel Foucault’s work important contribution to western intellectual capital, J?rgen Habermas’ project must continue to reform agonistic practices through the ethos of Enlightenment.  More specially, I have different a view of ‘practices of care of the self and agonism’. 


This thesis seeks to argue that governance is the primary concern of human individuals and the collective societies in the Western liberal democracies.  From the perspectives of governance, this project illustrates the subjective existence of peoples and their relations with one another, which include: the way we care of ourselves, relate to the other individuals, relate to the other societies and cultures, relate to the ‘other’; and the exercises of political power, economic power, institutional power, expert power, technical power, cognitive power to govern the self and others. This venture is an engagement that deploys Foucault and Habermas’s intellectual practices with the assistance of Hunt and Wickham, and Rose’s perspectives on governance to construct A Communicative Agonistic Theory of Governance by deploying concepts such as: genealogy, agonism, the care of the self, critical ethos of the Enlightenment and communicative action.


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