"> Union of Western Kurdistan region in a Federal Democratic System on the basis of the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination


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May 12, 2012

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Union of Western Kurdistan region in a Federal Democratic System on the basis of the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination

Kurdishaspect.com - By Dr. Jawad Mella


To the Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan and to the Kurds in all Syrian citiesTo the Kurdish parties and organizations in Western Kurdistan and all organizations of young people in Western KurdistanDear sisters and brothers,


The conditions of uprisings and revolutions which have passed and are still sweeping acrossthe Middle East, including Syria and Western Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan), and which hasnot happened to be seen in the past and probably will not be repeated later, gave a vent to the oppressed peoples and a great opportunity to lift the injustice and oppression resulting from Sykes-Picot's agreement in the last century.

Some consider that the suffering of our Kurdish people was a result of its weakness, but I take the opposite is true, because it happened from the division of our Kurdish community and its being controlled by most insignificant people, and it was caused by the power of our hero nation to preserve its humanity and civilization, and as well by the fear of others, the Kurdish people might come to control the entire Middle East if they would achieve their freedom and the independence of their homeland. But the Kurdish power is not consisting of imposing their influence on others by force, iron and fire, but through their faith in justice and humanity and civilization, for example, when the Kurdish people ruled the Middle East several times in history, for instance in the time of the Kurdish Sultan Saladin Ayouby, who did great justice to the people in the Middle East, as even his opponents, the kings of Europe, mentioned it. And at the time of the Kurdish Median Empire, about 3000 years ago, the Kurdish emperor issued his orders in seven languages.

Kurdish people's rule was characterized by justice and equality between the ruler and the ruled, and the Kurdish people did not impose themselves and their language on other peoples of the Middle East. They also recognised these peoples and their own languages. But the other nations of the Middle East imposed their languages on the Kurds, and the Kurdish language was prevented from circulation to this day.

The issue of the Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan is the freedom and independence of their country Kurdistan. Like the rest of nations there, we do not want the continuing tension between us and them forever. That means, the Kurdish people by nature like to live with others, but on the basis of justice and equality. There can never be coexistence between free citizens and slaves.

The lack of unity among the Kurdish people has increased the fragmentation and rivalry in all aspects of Kurdish mobility. To my deep regret it reached the degree of low-ties where every organisation sees itself as the alternative and the only alternative and the others are looked at to be nothing and to be charged and played down by others as well, while all without exception are seeking the recognition of the Syrian opposition and the world powers, and are seeking respect for the demands of the Kurdish people. But in fact we, the Kurds, if we do not recognize each other and if we don't respect all directions, Kurdish people will not get the recognition and respect of the Syrian opposition forces and the regional and global levels.

The realization of our unity in this propitious day and time is one of the most important factors for the freedom of our Kurdish people, and we will reap only regret and disappointment over this stage without our union. And that opportunity will not be repeated.

Most of the Kurdish parties and organisations are calling for unity and democracy, and this is meaning that every one of us should respect the opinion of others even if they differed with their opinion.

The Kurdish National Council at the conference held in Qamishlo on 26.10.2011 asked for the self-determination for the Kurds.

Also the daily the slogan of the masses is federalism in there demonstrations in all Kurdish towns and villages.

In order to agree on one speech, I collected the demands of Kurdish parties and organisations for unity and democracy with the demand of the Kurdish National Council for the right of self-determination and the demand of federalism of the protesters to make a uniform slogan which includes most of the parties as a minimum to sit at the round table as follows:

Union of Western Kurdistan region in a Federal Democratic System on the basis of the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination

Therefore I call for a Kurdistan National Congress in any European country, away from any influence of the Syrian and Turkish regimes to take free decisions. Kurdish unity and a unified Kurdish discourse will pave the way to take the role of the Kurdish people in the next stage in any dialogue with others regionally and internationally. I want to affirm that this is not an article or a statement but a practical step on the road to freedom...

If you find that a large proportion of the Kurdish forces intend to take part in the success of this project, I will be ready to secure the venue of the conference and arrangements in a European country.

With greetings

Dr. Jawad Mella

President Western Kurdistan Government in Exile 01/05/2012

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