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May 12, 2012

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Kurds, Olama, and Lesbians Kurdishaspect.com - By Hataw Sarkawt

I was born to a Kurdish family in a country known as Persia which is led by spiritual leaders called Olama. If not politically as least culturally Persia is a comfortable home for most Persians, especially for those who conform and follow their Olama. Some Persians don’t conform and argue there is no difference between the current Olama and the late Osama. They don’t’ feel comfortable in their own home. They prefer to get rid of Olama and be led by other spiritual leaders like Obama. I have sympathy for those of them who don’t feel comfortable in their own home, because that’s how I felt when I left Persia.  Not being Persian and therefore not feeling culturally at home, I left Persia in search of a free and comfortable place. I was fortunate enough to end up in Lesbia. I noticed that compare to Persia for Persians, Lesbia is a better place for Lesbians. Although I am not originally from Lesbia, I have sympathy for its people, Lesbians, similar to the sympathy I had for Persians when I lived in Persia. Lesbia is, if not the most, at the least one of the most liberated places on earth. Lesbians enjoy most cultural rights but are banned from having a union with other Lesbians in Lesbia. Their situation is similar to the Kurds who are led by Olama and are banned from having a union with other parts of Kurdistan. In Lesbia many Non-lesbians feel entitled to make decision for Lesbians, the way many Non-Kurds feel entitled to make decision for the people of Kurdistan. In short, Lesbia has its own flaws but compare to Persia it is a heaven much than the one promised by Olama to their conforming followers. Yes, Lesbia has its own flaws. However, in term of human needs and human rights it is so advanced that even average Joes could become powerful men in Lesbia. Unlike in Persia, in Lesbia the Olama, or the spiritual leaders of the county, are friends with average Joes and count on them. For the sake of the argument, let’s assume Joe represents all average Joes and Olama does the same for all spiritual leaders in Lesbia.

Joe is a fair and compassionate man and at times blurbs what lightens the emotional part of his brain and bypasses its executive part, which is supposed to make him remain cautious and politically correct. In an interview, Joe opened up and said that all people of Lesbia should have equal rights and so surprised Olama. Not knowing what to do with Joe’s comment and being a rather calculating man, Olama waited a few days; then he decided to agree with Joe openly and confirmed that all Lesbians should have equal rights and be able to have a union with each other.  For his honesty, Joe is liked by Olama and is assigned to support the people in need. Some say that Joe might even understand the needs and the rights of the Kurds for equality, which is still considered a sin and taboo by Olama. Some say the time has come for Joe to become courageous and say that the Kurds deserve as much rights as Lesbians. It is possible that Olama will follow suit and say the same, once Joe says it. Let’s hope!

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