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May 9, 2012

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We united into one political party!

On May 1, 2012 we finished the process of uniting the two political parties, the Social Democratic Party of Kurdistan (PSDKurdistan) and the Komele Party of Kurdistan (Komeley Zehmetkeshani Kurdistan) into one political party. Our “new” party will continue under the name the Komele Party of Kurdistan.

Our party will soon hold a congress which will be the 13th Congress of the Komele Party of Kurdistan. Our party will have a new logo, a new party program and a new party chart.

We will invite representatives of foreign diplomatic missions and public organizations to our 13th congress. The invited bodies will get our invitations cards in good time with complete information about date, time, and the program of our congress.

As a political party we will have a political program based on Social Democratic ideology and thoughts and will do our best to have a democratic and transparent organization charter. We will strive for a social justice and a welfare state based on equality and parity between the sexes. We do believe in a peaceful political solution and encourage dialogue and a non-violent path to achieve our goal of a free Kurdistan and a free Iran and an equal progressive society for everybody. We believe that a federal system based on democracy and a constitution could pave a way to a better understanding and coexistence between the peoples of Iran.

We do believe in brotherhood of nations and coexistence of mankind based on mutual interest and respect. Our political struggle are taking place in Iranian Kurdistan, but we will naturally strive for friendship and cooperation with other political parties, non-profitable and democratic organizations and individuals in Iran who believe in a peaceful means of struggle and a better world for all.

We ask you to support our party, the Komele Party of Kurdistan, and the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and the Kurdish national and democratic rights.

Yours sincerely On behalf of the Komele Party of Kurdistan and yours truly,

Foreign Relations Representative

Rebwar Rashed

rev@comhem.se Cell Phone: 0761253847 Rebwar Rashed (Sweden)

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