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April 2, 2011

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Barzani Speech on 21 March Nawroz Day 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Mufid Abdulla

Kurdistan possesses many of the characteristics of other Arab states that have lead to popular demands for reform. Kurdistan is subject to a tyrannical, autocratic rule where corruption is rife. Democracy and freedom are in short supply and the economy is struggling. Yet in order to block a social revolution there have been attempts by the President of Kurdistan to persuade people that internally Kurdistan is very good.

Barzani speech: The content of his speech once more carried no political weight at all for the masses of people; his speech did not make any sense to the people who have been demonstrating for the last forty days. The declaration of several reforms indicated in his speech has not been taken seriously by the people because they have seen similar promises in the past. People are not impressed by referencing the whole situation in Kurdistan to the smaller cases of certain people in Sulaymani who burned the red turban because it was considered a symbol of the Barzani tribe. People are more concerned about the killers and murderers of the 17th February and these people being brought to justice. I believe this is part of a campaign to conceal a fundamental fact about what is happening in Sulaymani and the surrounding area. People are uprising against all forms of corruption.

The ruling parties in Kurdistan must be stunned by the size, time and speed of the uprising which day after day is spreading all over Kurdistan. Barzani and the rulers of Kurdistan have two options; firstly, to make a voluntary transition towards democracy by dissolving their militia, security forces and family rule, which will enable Kurdish people to directly choose, take control of and, if necessary, overthrow the government freely. The second choice is a lack of voluntary primitive response from the current rule, which will eventually end up with civil war.  


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