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April 3, 2011

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Wake up KRG

Dr Hoshiar Molod

It is heartbreaking and very disappointing when we see that hopes are fading away for a resolution to the demonstrations on the street of Kurdistan. Our rulers are trying to fool themselves and everyone else by ignoring the matter and suppressing the demonstrators. 

KRG members proved to be a bunch of politically and diplomatically illiterate people. Don’t look at the fancy PhDs and degrees that some hold. They are quite useful in other places, but not where they are at present. For example a university researcher or professor is excellent as an educator, but useless as a minister. Anyhow, my introduction is not my intention to analyse the incompatibility of the KRG members or to prove their primitiveness in politics. It is already well proven. I only want to highlight a very serious matter concerning our livelihood and sense of belonging within Iraq, which might help our rulers to give up their ignorance and start to realize their incompetence. 

I was reading the Arabian power and water market report for 20111 and was shocked when I came across the part concerning Iraq. An international power consultant firm, Parsons Brinckerhoff, estimated that Iraq requires 12 gigawatts of electricity and only produced 4972MW (4.972 gigawatts) in 2010. The international consultancy firm was hired to highlight the problem and offer solution to the problem of lack of electricity in Iraq. I assume that the Iraqi government has paid for their services. Let us not forget that we are, Kurdistan region, also part of Iraq and it is our money also that have been spent.  

Everything looks very promising and aiming towards the goal of solving the power problem in Iraq (including Kurdistan). The electricity ministry called for tender and started receiving bids for FOUR independent power projects, but guess where. Three of the plants are located at Diwaniya, Amara and Samawa with the capacity of 500MW each and the forth with the capacity of mighty 1250MW at Basra. When you look at the map of Iraq, you could see that these four projects are located in the vicinity of 100km from each other and are all concentrated in the south of Iraq. But it is quite shocking to know that the Kurdish politicians missed the plot and didn’t realize the colossal mistake. 

If continues like that, we are not only going to be dependent on Iraq for petrol, medicine, food, …etc, but also going to depend on them for electricity, the only thing that we not onlyuse to produce, but also to share with the rest of Iraq. 

The KRG can find loopholes in the Iraqi laws to allow privately owned companies to transfer oil out of Kurdistan as long as certain people benefit from it. But cant recognize the bigger picture in employing this crucial source of power to invest in electricity and solve its shortage. Lack of electricity is one of the causes of the demonstrations on the street of Kurdistan. 

In my view this matter is going to be a threat on our national security.  

It is Ironic to find out that the person who is responsible for these power deals in Iraq is the deputy prime minister for energy, Dr Hussein Al-Shahristani, whois been responsible for putting the KRG’s oil deals on hold for years. 

KRG, please resign and let the professionals run the region. 

References 1. MEED, Arabian power & water market report, 2011. 

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