Iran: Further information on Fear of torture or ill treatment/ arbitrary arrest: Adnan Hassanpour



March 30, 2007 Iran: Further information on Fear of torture or ill treatment/ arbitrary arrest: Adnan Hassanpour 

Amnesty International

IRAN Adnan Hassanpour (m), Kurdish journalist and cultural rights  activist New name: Mansour Tayfouri (m), Kurdish journalist and  translator

Adnan Hassanpour was reportedly transferred to Marivan prison on 26 March,  together with another Kurdish journalist, Mansour Tayfouri. Both were  reportedly kept blindfolded throughout. Neither has been charged with any  offence.

Adnan Hassanpour is an advocate of cultural rights for Iranian Kurds. He was  detained on 25 January in his home town, Marivan, in the province of Kurdistan.  He was then taken to a detention facility run by the Ministry of Intelligence  in the provincial capital, Sanandaj, where he is believed to have been held  incommunicado, putting him at risk of torture or ill-treatment. Adnan  Hassanpour is a former member of the editorial board of the Kurdish-Persian  weekly journal Aso (Horizon), which the authorities closed down in August  2005. Adnan Hassanpour had reportedly been tried for offences supposedly  arising from articles published in the journal.

Mansour Tayfouri, a member of the Kurdistan Journalists' Association, was  reportedly detained in Marivan by Ministry of Intelligence officials on or  around 8 March and held in a facility run by the Ministry of Intelligence. At  some point he was reportedly taken to a court in Marivan by Ministry of  Intelligence officials, and then taken to Marivan prison.

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