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March 24, 2011

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The Kurdish Civil Rights Movement In Turkey Begins!

Kurdishaspect.com - By Hevallo Azad

We had a glimpse of today's announcement of mass civil disobedience at Newroz!

Kurdish MP's picking up stones and venting anger at the policeman in charge of gassing and water hosing peaceful protesters!

They invoked images of racist B Specials attacking Catholic and Civil Rights marchers in the North of Ireland and of Bernedette Devlin, the Irish civil rights MP who stood alongside her people at the Battle of the Bogside by breaking stones for the youth to push back the British Army from Derry Republican estates such as the Creggan!

And of Malcolm X, the Black Rights actvist who supported the right of self defense in the face of violence against you!

Today the Kurdish Civil Rights Movement is borne with mass acts of civil disobedience being planned in Batman and Diyarbakir!

It comes at a time of heightened political tensions as the ruling party, AKP, launch a racist campaign of psychological warfare and misinformation regarding the Kurdish Freedom Movement in Turkey!

A 'deep state' style assassination attempt on one of Turkey's most famous singers, Ibrahim Tatlises, is seen as a return to the old days when political killings by the state were used to 'criminalize' the Kurdish Freedom Movement and BDP activists have already been arrested for the attempted killing!

The annual psychological response to the powerful show of strength by the Kurdish Freedom Movement at Newroz has been just as pathetic as usual by the Prime Minister of Turkey calling for the prosecution of a Kurdish woman MP who angrily challenged the police captain who had ordered his forces to attack a peaceful Kurdish march with gas and wooden batons injuring many!

Again, images of Catholics and Black Civil rights marchers under the clubs of sectarian hatred and racist police springs to mind!

Freedom or Freedom is the slogan of the Kurdish Civil Rights Movement beginning today in Batman, a small Kurdish oil town in SE Turkey (NW Kurdistan) where the only oil the Kurdish population benefit from is the black sticky mess covering the rivers!

A town that saw hundreds of extra judicial killings of it's own population during the 'Dirty War' as the Kurds call it.

The period during the nineties when the armed struggle of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, PKK, challenged the Turkish states stated policy of forced assimilation of the Kurds in Turkey and gave the Kurdish people their pride and honor back so they were able to reclaim their Kurdish identity, an identity that has lived in the geographical area the Kurds call Kurdistan for thousands of years before the Turks arrived!

But at a cost! The Turkish states response was genocidal in it's application with many tens of thousands of innocent Kurdish people murdered in all sorts of horrific ways that are being uncovered today in secret Kurdish Mass Graves! Even these investigations are being hampered by Turkish officials blocking and in some cases stealing evidence from graves!

The context of today's civil disobedience campaign launch has been numerous attempts to stimulate conditions for a negotiated and peaceful settlement of The Kurdish Question in Turkey by the Kurdish side, attempts that have been knocked back by procrastination and downright dishonesty on the Turkish side!

The Turkish general public are subjected to daily doses of 'the Kurds are criminals, terrorists and killers' and today's protests will be seen by many Turks as provocative but I would ask the question!

What would you prefer, a return to a full scale military conflict that would drag on for many more years years at an economic cost that will jeopardize Turkey's economic growth and potential to be an energy hub to the West or a Kurdish Civil Rights Movement that can educate the Turkish public about their profound struggle of cultural survival and can finally create the conditions for a peaceful solution at last!

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