For the sake of our children let’s put our differences aside


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Sign the petition for Iraq's three-region solution Opinion For the sake of our children let’s put our differences aside – By Naskah Zada - March 19, 2008

It is the 5th anniversary of invasion of Iraq. Or some may say the democratization of Iraq. Whatever you call this, today marked the 5th year since US troops are present in Iraq. Prior to that and after Iraq has been a key topic of every source of media. It has been the most pronounced word by many people in the world, even those, who knew little about the vast history of the region and its diverse population.

Since the fall of Saddam’s regime many of my Iraqi friends accuse the Kurds for supporting the destruction of Iraq. As a Kurd, I feel, I am being blamed personally by them. One of my acquaintances once said “You Kurds should be happy that Iraq is bleeding now. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”  How do I answer this? How can anyone be happy to see the unhappiness of others?

I look back and see our house, leveled to the ground by Saddam’s troops. I see the trail of blood, when we had to flee to Iran over and over again. I see myself without food or water for days. I see 5000 dead from a chemical attack against city of Halabja in March of 1988. I see Anfal campaign in 1986, which lasted until 1989 and cost more than 200,000 deaths. Who was happy then? Am I happy now to see the ongoing bloodshed?

Iraq is a home of many ethnic and religious groups: Arabs and Kurds, Suni and Shia, Christians and Jews. The list may be continued, but my point here is no one will ever be happy while there is violence there. Someone said:  “A bad peace is always better than a good war”. We need to realize this and make a first step on a long journey towards stability in the region. Today, we need to put behind our hatred and our blames for the sake of our children. We need to overcome the madness and stop the brutality and self-destruction.  If we can only try and take another chance, we can turn this fragile region into a blossoming garden, like it used to be at the very dawn of its legendary history.

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