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March 11, 2011

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After All This....What is the Exit Strategy?   

Kurdishaspect.com - By Mufid Abdulla

As regimes around the world crumble under the weight of popular protests, the people of Sulaymani in Azadi Square have painstakingly fashioned a polite record over the past three weeks. I will pay tribute to these events which both reflect events and play a part in changing the way they attract all people from all walks of life; students, businessmen, engineers, soldiers, writers, intellectuals. Nobody has done more to define the style of great protests such as those at Azadi Park like that of the Sulaymani people; this has been the case since the very early days of protest starting on the 17th February. However, a spontaneous crowd headed for the offices of the KDP with the result being the showering of bullets by KDP militias in which three citizens were killed and 57 injured. There is still blood on the pavement outside the office of the KDP branch of Sulaymaniah.

A few days later, a small accident took place inside the Azadi Square and one person was killed and others injured but this has not deterred people. From that day the cordial relation between the people and the two ruling parties has gradually become more and more disconnected, this is particularly the case with the KDP. Nothing in the KDP and PUK’s backgrounds has indicated that they would become the power of democracy in this era. Only last night the security apparatus in Sulaymani burned the tents and all items of furniture inside them, as early as 2.30 in the morning. That is the means by which they are testing some sort of bloodshed and the reaction of the people. This might explain why the confidence of the protesters has been at its highest since last night; confidence rises as more and more angry people declare their loyalty to the protesters.

A pity for Massoud Barzani who came back to Kurdistan weeks ago trying to create a coherent picture of the Kurdistan situation from the bites and pieces of information he had been given from his advisors. Surely these advisors have not told him this is the end of the KDP in the Sulaymani area. But contrarily he appeared on TV to talk to the people and like most of the time there was no news of a genuine response; it was nothing more than just buying time. Barzani needs a bite to match his bark. With Barzani the great orator, people do not trust him because they judge him by his past. People do not want words they need action. I would like to ask the reader what will be the exit strategy for the KRG in this crisis. Either, the ruling parties bow down to the demands of the people and sack the entire current cabinet for their corrupted performances over the last several months, or brutalise their own people as they are doing now. If power corrupts, then glory rots all judgments. Barzani needs all the plain advice that he can get. He faces a more complex world than the KDP did in 1992! Finally, he does not deserve to be dead in the bunker while there is still plenty of time to come back to his people and reconcile.


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