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March 12, 2009 President Barzani warns consequences of violating constitution Kurdsat

Kurdistan region president Masoud Barzani says patience has limits and the suspended problems between Kurdistan region government and the federal government in Baghdad cannot remained unresolved forever.

President Barzani spoke to the London based Sharq al Awsat newspaper, issued on Thursday.

In the interview president Barznai said Kurdistan region wants to resolve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil through negotiations and confirmed that Kurds would not give up Kirkuk.

He explained that Kurdish people had accepted to remain within the state of Iraq and taken part in the political process after the former regime’s collapse to draft a civilized democratic constitution to be able to determine the federal identity of Iraq, warning that violating that same constitution would have dangerous consequences.

He told the paper that the era of autocracy has gone in Iraq for goods and Kurds prefer dying to remain under a dictator regime again.

Kurdistan president, who is visiting Britain in a diplomatic trip, also said Kurds patience has limits, but ruled out turning the ongoing political tensions with Baghdad to Kurd- Arab war and confirmed the problems could be solved through dialogue and referring to the constitution.

He also complained against the U.S forces that had not extended the hand of support to Kurdistan region enough, as much as it did to the middle and southern of Iraq.

“The U.S has extended hand of support to the middle and southern of Iraq, but it has not done so to Kurds. However, Kurdistan region was existed before the arrival of Americans and will remain after they will leave” said president Barzani. Concerning Kurds ambitions to building an independent state of Kurdistan, president Barznai said: “This is a legitimate ambition of Kurdish people, but we deal with the realities on the ground at this period of time”

Off the current domestic problems of PUK, he said his KDP party would never manipulate the situation to tighten its position and confirmed that his party would remain an honest ally of PUK and help them, if they ask, to overcome those problems.

President Barzani also strongly criticized the Iraqi oil ministry for its failure to revive Iraq’s oil infrastructure during the last three years.

“Let me be clear in that. Oil ministry is the cause of all the failures has faced the country’s oil sector. Despite providing billions of Dollars by the government, they have failed to carry out a project that can revive the sector’s infrastructure; even oil production has unexpectedly decreased instead of increase. Yet they do not allow others to play a part in developing oil industry” 

He also repeated that KRG would go ahead signing oil contracts with the foreign companies and work for exploring and digging new oil field in the region, ignoring the outcry of federal government.

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