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March 4, 2012

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Nazand Begikhani wins the 2012 French Feminine Prize of Simone Landry


Kurdish poet Nazand Begikhani has been selected among 42 poets in France to win the French Feminine Simone Landry Prize of 2012. This is an annual prize given to a renowned poet in France “honouring the quality of her work as well as her courage in embracing life and facing its challenges”. She was selected unanimously by the jury members for this year’s prize. The prize will be presented to her on March 8th at a ceremony at Rossini Theatre, Paris.

Nazand Begikhani is a famous Kurdish poet who has published five poetry collections in Kurdish and one in English. Her poems are published in international anthologies as well as poetry journals and magazines.  Her work has been translated into Arabic, French, English, German and Persian. She is also a human rights activist and academic working in the field of gender and violence at the University of Bristol.

Previously, in 2000, Nazand Begikhani was awarded the British Emma Humphry’s Prize for her work and activities challenging honour-based violence.

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