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March 1, 2012

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University of Kurdistan Hewler Physical Geology Field Trip


As part of the sightseeing activities of the University of Kurdistan Hewler learning programs, the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, made a tour to the Safin Mountains and Duhok Resort in order to familiarize the students with a wider knowledge.

In the class of Physical Geology, which deals with the endogenous and exogenous activities and the processes that bring about changes on the earth's surface, Dr. Khosrow Bazrafshan took its first year students to the aforementioned areas.

The field trip was important to explore the geological ideas and rock types outside the book, said Gulan Ali, a first year student. "Such experiential activities could facilitate the building of theoretical concepts, and provide the framework for our long-term memorization. The actual observation and experience of the concepts in the book enhanced our learning process." said Gulan.

University of Kurdistan Hewler is the university that strives to educate the students according to international standards and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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