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February 26, 2011

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Petition to hold peaceful demonstration in Erbil turned down 

Kurdishaspect.com - By  Baqi Barzani

ERBIL-Hewler, Kurdistan region 'Iraq', -  Having earlier announced our goals, we, a set of Kurdish scholars, had submitted an official letter to the Hawler Police Headquarter as well as Ministry of Interior, requesting for permission to hold a totally peaceful pro-democracy protest march in the capital Kurdish city of Hawler [Erbil].

At the inception, we were given full assurances that our petition would be circumspectly considered by the concerned authorities, and we would receive a formal response accordingly. 

After remaining in anticipation for days for a response, we decided to reproach them on our own, and try to seek clarification about the status of our petition. 

We were ordered by the police chief that given the unstable political status quo, we should abstain from holding such a harmful demonstration, and call off our mind. When we started persisting and arguing with them about our legitimate and constitutional right to Freedom of expression and Assembly, we were threatened to immediately leave the facility, or face legal charges for violating law, creating troubles and inciting mayhem. 

Resorting to violence is not and has never been our intentions.

It s very regrettable that our so-called democratic government does not respect the rights of its own citizens even to peaceful demonstration, one of the most inherent and elementary right of every citizen in every nation. 

All our telephone conversations are also monitored by KDP intelligences agency, which definitely is another breach of citizens’ rights.

Their denial to grant us the due consent can not and will not in any way and form cause to disillusion, cease or make us abandon our moral objectives. We will firmly stick to our demands. 

From the hundreds of support e-mails and phone calls we have received from different cities in Kurdistan, We came to conclusion that the overwhelming majority of Kurdish populace agree with us and strongly support us in our struggle. Reform must take place, corrupt government officials must step down and be replaced, and our rights must be secured from Baghdad. 

We will join our fellow citizens and continue our struggle for the betterment of Kurdistan for every one. We stand with our people!

For additional info, please contact: baqi.barzani@yahoo.com Phone: 0750-340-1440 ( Hawler)

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