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January 20, 2011

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The prominent Kurdish writer Baktiar Ali assemble KDP to Saddam’s Party 

Kurdishaspect.com - By Mufid Abdulla

 The well known Kurdish writer and novelist Bhaktyar Ali assemble KDP forces in sulaymani to  Saddamists’ what they did in eighties. The Kurdish writer in his interview with local newspaper Awena has accused The KDP for treason. Baktiar Ali said: “The KDPs’ reaction to the demonstration in sulaymani is a rare picture of the atrocity by KDP forces against humanity”. He continued “what happened in sulaymani is the fecticias promise of The President of Kurdistan for a new identity, new Kurdistan and a new thinking in Kurdistan. In the last few years the President of Kurdistan has repeated several times that civil war will not happen again and that we are not letting the Kurdish blood shed by our fellow Kurds. But what happened on 17th February proved that Barzani’s speech and promise are both baseless and deceiving .This is proof that these leaders are coming from the 70s and 80s and  do not belong on this planet and world .These leaders have not offered anything new to the history, apart from prolonging their power and establishment. He continued and said “the protester has nothing in common with KDP, PUK and Gorran.

Bhaktiar Ali has expressed his anger and continued to say”this tragedy is the ‘nasty one’ but the worst of all is the response by PUK and KDP”; for example the PUKs’ statement said that PUK forces defended itself .I don’t have anything to say but if you respond to stone throwing with a bullet! So if my neighbour threw a stone at me, then I have to respond with a BKC gun. Also, KDPs’ statement is one of the worst one to the extent that he is not happy with the number of injured and killed in that demonstration and they criticised the PUK for not responding properly and expecting them to do the same.

Bhaktiar Ali continued about his own first hand experience under the Saddam regime, when attending the second year at university. He was participating in one of those demonstrations that took place in 1982 against Saddam’s regime; of which one person was killed and eight others injured - including him.  Saddam it was in their highest level of power called fascism .KDP in this act as highest level of power called democracy.”

Finally he criticised Gorran for the slow response to the humanitarian side of that tragedy by saying “these people have nothing to do with us”. So basically, they issued the statement on 29th January asking for dissolvement of parliament but the demonstration had nothing to do with them.


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