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February 6, 2009 Kurdish lists come in second in Mousl and Dyala elections 


Arbil- According to the first official results the Kurdish lists in Mousl and Dyala won second in the Iraqi provincial elections that was held on January 31, the Independent Electoral Commission in Iraq, IECI, announced on Tuesday.

The Nineveh Brotherhood List, a coalition of the Kurdish parties, won 25.5 percent of the votes in the province while al-Hadaba List, a coalition of Arab nationalist parties, won 48.4 percent of the votes, according to IECI. 

In Dyala the Kurdish Alliance List came in second with 17.2 percent of the votes. The Accord and Reconciliation Front of the Islamic party came in first with 21.1 percent of the votes, IECI reported. 

The results in Mousl and Dyala give the Kurdish lists powerful role as the winning lists have to make collation with them to administrate the province. 

In Salahadin province the Brotherhood and Coexistence List of the Kurdish parties came in sixth with 4.5 percent of the votes.  

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