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January 27, 2012

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The Historical Moments

Kurdishaspect.com - By Hamíit Qliji Bérai

The despair position of the Kurdish [opposition groups] in Syria is evidence that the present political culture and approaching of the Kurdish National issue offer no solution. 

I have often said that the so called Kurdish "political organizations" at all, their approach, mentality and understanding of politic concern the Kurdish issue are the major obstacle in the way of liberation of the Kurdish nation.  The so called Kurdish rebelling and the rebel’s organizations in all part of Kurdsán just made the Kurds victim. In the past decades of their existence they caused only misery for the Kurds. 

The present Kurdish opportunity in Southern Kurdsán (Iraq) was achieved in 1958-1963, the revolution period by the Kurdish officers Abd al-Karim Qasim and his comrades, who in Iraq kicked out the Western establishment.

For the re-colonialization-war of Iraq in 2003 they needed the Kurds. Without Kurds the westerns could not stay and recruit Iraqis to participate in the [government] and finish the job. 

But now in the blowing flames for overthrowing Assad’s dictatorship to re-colonialize Syria, the westerns do need Turkey, not the Kurds. That is why no deputy of the Kurdish opposition was allowed for the foundation of the Syrian National Council (SNC) in the September 2011 in Istanbul. 

The Syrian Arab opposition and the western power at the background of the issue do like to see the Kurds as Syrians, so not as Kurdish opposition in Syria.

The historical moments for liberation of Kurdsu frequently coming and go, but the Kurds could not make their own mind up to liberate their country. The opportunity of 2003 with the fall of Saddam Hussain for the Kurds to capture back Mussel, Karkuk, Diala, Xanaqin and Manali regions is flown and the Kurds have been cheated on. 

Fortunately Iraq is now unstable, there is no central government, that is the chance for Kurds to liberate their land from Iraq, but the Kurdish liberation mind and mental is not ready.

During the 1920ies the Kurds were used as fwj-al-Kurdi against Ottoman and for establishing of a democratic Syria but that brought nothing for the Kurds up to now.  The Kurds have forgotten that and now seek to be accepted as Kurd by the Syrian Arab opposition in struggle against Assad regime, but SNC denies the Kurds. The Kurds despair trying to be accepted in Syrian National Council, such a shame! 

There are too many hidden historical documents, which prove that the present Iraq and Syria ware Kurdish lands and are arabized after the Muslim’s conquering. Syria is a false name for its Kurdish proper name “Šam”, which was dedicated to the biblical Šam son of Noah. In the Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon) I have demonstrated a lot of documents about that.

The Kurdish question is a National Liberation Struggle. Since the Kurdish nation is torn apart in religious and regional hostile groups like “Ezidis, Jews, Christians, Muslims ... and Suranis, Badinanis, Auramis, Kurmanjis, Zazais, Laaks, Luurs, Huzesanis etc., and in addition these people are apportioned in the regional division to Iraqis, Syrians, Turks and Iranians” so the self-awareness of the National Identity is absolutely necessary in the National Liberation Struggle to unite the Kurdish nation and to make the Kurdish National Identity clear to the capturers.

The Kurdish organizations should understand the historical and cultural background of the Kurdish nation. They have to know who were the Kurds? What is the Kurdish historic-cultural heritage? Where is Kurdsu, Kurdsán?

Since Kurdsán is the centre of world ancient civilization, necessarily the Kurdish nation is associated with and victim of the European world colonization and Aryanization fantasy.

In order to be able to justify the Kurdish national issue, you need to know what is going on.

To understand what is going on, you have to know what is exactly happened in the past with the Kurds nation.

With the apportioning of Kurdsu to Iran, Turkey Syria and Iraq, the western imperialism established an educational system with false information to discourage Kurdish National Identity and assimilate Kurdish generations, so to convert them to the falsely reproduced nations the Iranians, Turks, Syrians and Iraqis.

The available adopted information in educational institutions and museums concern ancient Near East, the Kurdish identity and history, by which the world and the Kurdish intellectuals are adapted, are false and based on a political agenda in order to mislead the world and to uproot the Kurds and Kurdish. Yet in their institutes and Study Networks the Nazis in cooperation with the Turkish secret service are manipulating the Kurdish generations to castrated characters.

So there was no information available about the Kurds of before the Islam. But now the information you need to know the true I have published for you. As Mark G. McLaughlin from the ForeWord Clarion Review said: Bérai presents a wealth of information for readers to examine. That are unique information only available in the Bible Discovered: Bible = Babel (Babylon) http://www.elamirkan.net/index_files/Page1323.htm.  So read this book, spread the word everywhere and bring the discussed subjects in discussion.

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