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January 25, 2011

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Professor Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi’s interview by penusakan.com 

Kurdishaspect.com - Prepared by Harem Karem

Comments made on the questions raised

1-The system prevalent in Iraq is a radically unstable system and one, which will eventually, self-destructs because it is not a naturally evolved indigenous set-up representing the true will of the constituents purported to be represented in the “government”. It is like a 3-llegged table of unequal legs, where anything placed on it will certainly slide and roll towards the side supported by the smaller legs. Clearly this means that the Kurds are the greatest beneficiaries of this set up at the moment but the imbalance will surely lead to a reaction by the other two partners and the Kurds may in the end suffer losses on a gradual basis. What we see is a manifestation of this problem. I believe the next round will be worse for the Kurdish parties. The US, who is supporting this state of affairs, will continue propping the regime for as long as their gains outweigh their losses.

2- Which brings me to the question of what having an ally such as the US:  To evaluate this support, we need to consider the following:

  • a. US history and behaviour vis-à-vis other nations, some far closer historically to the US and sharing culture and religion/4
  • b. US desire to dominate the world and turn all ethnic cultures into subservient and lackey ones, producing new mindless, consumer societies engaged simply in seeking their daily needs leaving their wealth, cultural values and principles as well as religious beliefs in favour of the new “religion” the US is using all manner of means to propagate and spread around the world. This new “religion” which I have dubbed the “fourth Protocol” is based on three ideologies. Namely, Machiavelli (the “goal justifies the means”), Freud (Man’s most powerful movers are his instincts of which sex is the most powerful and can be used to control and manipulate people) and Darwinism (Which is a call for the domination of smaller weaker people by the strong and powerful – ruling out God and therefore most if not all of the known principles of humanity).
  • c. US colonial and imperialist history and its lack of morality in dealing with weaker nations (such as the Vietnamese, Koreans, Afghans, etc.)
  • d. The repetition of the same kind of behaviour over at least a century
  • Thus, the current support for the Kurds cannot be for ever or in all situations as we see with Israel for instance. The Jews have a powerful grip over US politics and the Kurds are no match for them. One might argue that the Kurds are not showing mere subservience to the US but are also counting on Israel’s support in the light of the latter’s obvious animosity towards the Arabs and Iran, which gives them a more secure relationship with the US. In addition, The Kurds could be used as a counter weight and gateway to the Central Asian republics; rich of oil and other minerals as well as huge markets for US goods and reconstruction projects. The Kurds have a further role apart from their current on in Iraq and that is against Turkey and Iran.

However, because of the enormity of thee riles the risks to the Kurdish people will be undoubtedly great too. We should ask the question: are the Kurds up to the terrible consequences of a conflict involving some or all of these players? We suffered greatly in a much smaller, narrower and less powerful conflict and I feel that the enrichment of some leaders will not be worth a single Kurdish life. In any such conflicts, the US can simply pick be their pieces and leave with their lackeys but where would the Kurds to their fate. Where would the Kurds go, back to the Diaspora?

3-The Two parties in control of the Kurdish government have a great phobia against all forms of opposition and cannot stomach the idea since their basic set-ups are not parties as we know them in the west. As a member of a British party, you are expected to pay the party but not expect any payment or favours. You war able to get into the political process right up to the top and become a very powerful politician with the possibility of holding public office up to and including the post of Prime Minister. You do this through elections, first within the party and then in the well-known general election processes.

In Kurdistan, you join the party for personal gain and get salaries and favours throughout all the levels of administration. Another problem is the fact that the two parties have divided all public jobs right down to the job of a street sweeper. To get any job you must belong to one or the other or be backed by one or the other. Therefore there no jobs for anyone else such as independent individuals who do not wish to follow either of the parties. The opposition is therefore played by the main parties: One is the opposition to the other.

But this would be found unpalatable by anyone and sp anyone wanting a piece of the cake will have to find a backer (normally from one of the neighbouring countries or the Europeans or Americans) , set up a militia and call itself a party. Then if this sort of party toes the line it will be (licensed), given some, remunerations, a building and leftovers and scraps which will tie them over and keep them under control.

The two main parties have never been happy with any kind of opposition and are not going to change. What they will do is to try and buy or if not possible terrorise, isolate and eradicate the opposition. And they will continue being successful for as long as the political climate is in their favour. 

A copy of this text in Kurdish can be obtained from the following link  http://www.penusakan.com/kur/dwandn-dktor-faraidun-hilmy.htm Briefly,  My Name: Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi Born in Slemani Scholarship to England 1969 Read Electrical and Electronic at Cardiff University 1967# M.Sc. Digital Electronics 1969 1973-4 Slemany University (teaching Maths and English) Joined UN in 1974-8 as Data Processing Adviser PhD (Systems Science (City University 1980) Financial Systems Developer (City of London 1078- 1002) 1992 Deputy Minister (First Kurdish Cabinet) Systems Consultant (1994 2003 2004 Retired (as a result of medical blunder) Currently developing a unique A.I. System. Published hundreds of articles in a variety of topics Published 3 books:

  • Sorany Kurdish (in a unified Latin alphabet) for English Speakers (sold all over the world). Five editions starting in the year 2000(NewhopePublishing.net).
  • Yaddasht by Rafui Hilmi (in English, 2007 NewhopePublishing.net)
  • Real-Tine On-Line Direct Democracy, NewHopePublishing.net, 2008) 

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