Awene The most admired Independent Kurdish Newspaper from the heart of Kurdistan.

Khatuzeen Center For Kurdish Women’s Issues

Iraqi Kurds struggle with democracy

McCain expects Iraq government to collapse and split into three different States  

SYRIA-The authorities should stop waging war against their people

Iraq: Revise Draft Law That Curbs Protests, Speech _

Iraqis watch Egypt unrest with sense of irony

Watching a new day in Egypt __

Kurdish concessions in Baghdad

Iraq delays nationwide census yet again

Kurdish Rebels: The Qandil Mountains

Maliki may form government next week Thursday 

BAGHDAD: Iraq’s parliament will meet on Monday to elect a speaker, the chamber said yesterday, a move that could break an eight-month political Kurdish Rebels Extend Truce, Deny Istanbul Attack Turkey's main Kurdish rebel group on Monday extended a truce until elections next summer, denying responsibility for a suicide attack in Istanbul thought to

A film may speak a million words!

The 3rd Annual Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco was held on September 18-19, 2010. The festival, featuring 30 different movies, was a tribute to Fakhri Motives of Islamic regimes atrocity in Mehabad city On Wednesday 22 September 2010 in Mehabad city a lethal bomb was exploded among spectators at an annual military parade, which killed 11

Support Freedom of Expression in Iraqi Kurdistan

The authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan have intensified their pressure on freedom of speech in general and free media in particular during the last few weeks. If this PKK leader: Israel is helping Turkey to destroy us  "No photos. I say again." This was the only sentence he knew in English, this Kurdish soldier leading us on a mountainous path, amid trees and streams, to a

Mounting tension between ruling parties and journalists

Reporters Without Borders is concerned about the tension between Kurdistan’s ruling parties and security forces, on the one hand, and its journalists and news

Letters to the Kurdish Patriots

July 13, 1989 will forever be remembered as a day of treachery in the annals of the Kurdish history for as long as there are Kurdish patriots in this world. On that

Investigation of Kurdish journalist's murder lacks credibility

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) today released the result of a five-month-long investigation into the death of Sardasht Osman, a freelance journalist

Unveiling Prejudice against women

‘Women rights’ are continuously evolving, in many societies women are denied certain privileges that we would perceive as rights in different parts of the world. In RE: Burning the Koran and its Possible Implications   I recently came across a commentary posted on Kurdishaspect by Sayeh Hassan, and given that Kurdish aspect publishes the works of writers that have

This Time must End: The Struggle of the Kurds 

In Turkey and across all the borders of the Kurdish people, their rights have been denied. The language and culture of the people, their right to self-determination

Is Turkey using poison gas on the Kurds?

Was Turkey supporting the terrorist flotilla against Israel under the pretext of helping the luxury mall shoppers in Gaza to divert attention from its own ongoing

Turkish Embassy refuses letter from Archbishop Tutu

A letter from Archbishop Desmond Tutu was to be personally delivered by Rev Matthew Esau, Vice-Chair of KHRAG and a delegation of UK supporters to the

'We're Not Living, Just Not Dying'

Compared to most internally displaced Kurds in northern Iraq, Shamal Qadir is almost lucky. Since the Turkish army devastated his village, Kuzine, in a 

Ruling party demands one billion dollars in defamation lawsuit

Sulaimaniyah, Iraq August 2, 2010:  The Kurdistan Democratic Party has filed a one billion US dollar defamation lawsuit, the largest in Iraqi history, against an

Turkish Kurdistan: Young Kurds create “Self Defense Units”, declare Esentepe District “autonomous” 

Following the protest demonstration on 28 July against the lynch attempts in  Dörtyol/Hatay and in ?negöl/Bursa, a group of young people in 

Prospects Abound Among the Kurds

ERBIL, Iraq — Shortly after leaving his job last year as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, Zalmay Khalilzad started negotiations with

UN urged to inspect Turkey’s stockpiles of WMD

Since the outset of decades-old Turkish imposing conflict in Southeast, more than 40,000 innocent civilians, mostly Kurdish women and children, have so far 

Kurd Women Fight the ‘Culture of Rape’

SIRNAK (Turkey): In one of the more prominent of a series of recent rape scandals in Kurdish dominated southeastern Turkey, at least four girls aged

Supreme Court Tramples Free Speech

In its zeal to support “anti-terror” rules without regard to the Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-to-3 this week to uphold criminal penalties for peaceful

Look Who's Talking: Turkey! 

A country that has been occupying part of a neighbor state for decades, that often sends its air force to bomb anti-government militants, that refuses to give civil

Ocalan: I am withdrawing because I could not find an interlocutor

“What the Kurds are experiencing today is genocide” said Öcalan and added, “There is no sense, no gain and a lack of conditions to continue this process. I  Execution of Kurds Arouses Unprecedented Sympathy The hasty execution of five Iranian political dissidents, four of them Kurds, has sparked unprecedented support for their cause including a one-day strike that

Stop killing political prisoners in Iran!

Mahdieh Golroo, an imprisoned member of the Right to Education Council has written a letter in memory of her cellmate executed political prisoner Shirin Alam Iran hangs a little fish A year ago, The Washington Times helped bring the world's attention to the plight of Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish school- teacher wrongly accused of being 

Killing of Journalist Enflames Iraqi Kurds

ERBIL, Iraq — Hundreds of university students tried to storm the local parliament building here in the capital of Iraq’s semiautonomous Kurdistan region on

Abducted Kurdish Writer Is Found Dead in Iraq

ERBIL, Iraq — A Kurdish journalist was kidnapped here in the capital of the semiautonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, tortured and then found dead with two

Asos Hardi, Kurdish Editor in Chief, Wins Gebran Tueni Award

Asos Hardi, the Editor in Chief and founder of the Awene newspaper in Iraqi Kurdistan, has been awarded the 2009 Gebran Tueni Award, the annual prize of 

Peace Process Raises Hopes of End to Kurdish Conflict

Twenty-five years and 40,000 deaths after the PKK began its struggle against the Turkish army, there is now an historic opportunity to end the conflict. But there are

The significance of the elections in Iraqi Kurdistan

The result of the July 25 regional parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdish autonomous region is a significant landmark in the history of the Kurds

The Kurds Lose Again? 

It was a triumph of democracy. On July 25, in a free election, Iraq's Kurds finally elected a real opposition party to their regional parliament.  EUTCC Patron Leyla Zana Sentenced to Prison by a Turkish Court Leyla Zana, an internationally renowned Kurdish politician and spokesperson was Tuesday 28 July sentenced to 15 months imprisonment

New Kurdish Leader Asserts Agenda 

ERBIL, Iraq — The president of the semiautonomous Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Tuesday rejected proposals by the United Nations to resolve Iraq’s

Kurdistan's Democracy Deficit 

On July 25th, the Kurdish region of Iraq is scheduled to have its first major election since 2005. The election is pivotal, and vital to U.S. interests, because it will

Change in the air?

AS IRAQ’S Kurds prepare to vote on July 25th for a regional assembly and a president, the buzzword is Goran, meaning change. It is also the name of a new

Count Your Change

If raw excitement is any indication, big things may be happening in Iraqi Kurdistan. After months of delay, campaign season has finally begun for the

Lame-duck lawmakers push through Kurdistan's new charter 

A draft constitution passed by the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan has drawn divided reactions, with some questioning the very legitimacy of a lame-duck parliament 

Austrian lawmaker links Ahmadinejad to 1989 Kurdish killing

An Austrian lawmaker on Thursday linked Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to the 1989 murder of a Kurdish opposition leader in Vienna.

Producing and exporting oil by Kurdistan Region is a remarkable achievement 

Professor Ismail Beshkchi is a supporter of the Kurdish cause in Turkey. He has spent more than 17 years in Turkish prison for his positions in support of Kurdish

Don't Give Up on Iraqi Democracy 

The Iraqi people will defend our democracy. It is in the best interests of the U.S. to continue its firm support for democracy in Iraq and not to slide back into the dead-

Iraq Ends Ban, Allows Kurds to Export Oil 

AMMAN -- The Iraqi federal oil ministry said Sunday it will allow the autonomous Kurdish government in northern Iraq to start exporting crude oil in June to world

Arab-Kurd Conflict Deepens In Mosul

All Things Considered, May 8, 2009 · American troops are scheduled to withdraw from Iraqi cities by the end of June. But U.S. commanders have expressed

The Kurds in Syria: Fueling Separatist Movements in the Region?

Kurds in Syria have been denied basic social, cultural, and political rights, in many cases stemming from the Syrian state’s refusal to grant citizenship. 

Clinton tries to reassure Iraqis during visit

BAGHDAD – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to reassure nervous Iraqis that the U.S. won't abandon them, even as she said the American Iranian Kurdish representative, Sharif Behruz testified before the Canadian Parliamentary  Ottawa – An Iranian Kurdish representative from Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, Sharif Behruz appeared before the Subcommittee on International Human

UN says Iraq should share Kirkuk or give it autonomy The United Nations is suggesting to the Iraqi central and Kurdish regional governments that they either share the disputed territory of Kirkuk on an equal 

Childhood statelessness

Stateless infants, children and youth, through no fault of their own, inherit circumstances that limit their potential and provide, at best, an uncertain future.

Kurdistan pleads for democracy 

Shortly after taking office, US President Barack Obama congratulated Iraqis on successful provincial elections. "Millions of Iraqi citizens from every ethnic and

ANALYSIS - Kurdish nationalism on the rise, ballot suggests

D?YARBAKIR - Local election results manifested, once again, evidence that Kurdish nationalism is strong and the tactics of the incumbent Justice and

U.N. suggests power-sharing for Kirkuk 

KIRKUK, Iraq - Seeking to head off an explosion of ethnic violence, the United Nations will call for a power-sharing system of government for Iraq's deeply

Kurd sees 'very bad signals' from Baghdad

Reporting from Salahuddin, Iraq — Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan regional government's intelligence service and internal security agency in

President Barzani warns consequences of violating constitution

Kurdistan region president Masoud Barzani says patience has limits and the suspended problems between Kurdistan region government and the federal

Ethnic tensions in Kirkuk turn U.S. military into mediator

The commander was rushing off to mediate the latest dispute between the Kurds, who dominate the local government, and the Shiite Muslim Arab-led Iraqi army,

Rising Arab-Kurdish Tensions over Kirkuk Will Complicate U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq

Kurdish suspicions of Iraq's central government have reignited after a January 22 decision by Baghdad to deploy the army's 12th Division north towards the

Obama and Kurds  

The United States of America had done the Kurds a great favor by setting up a safe heaven for them which lasted until the overthrow of Saddam. In return, the

Kurdish lists come in second in Mousl and Dyala elections 

Arbil- According to the first official results the Kurdish lists in Mousl and Dyala won second in the Iraqi provincial elections that was held on January 31, the Trouble in northern Iraq: Thousands of troops flood Kirkuk in crackdown on Kurds  Iraqi government sources said the army's 12th Division has deployed thousands of troops in Kirkuk amid the rivalry between Kurds and ethnic Turks. The army's

The Mona Lisa of Kurdistan 

The people of the Republic of Turkey have been laboring for 84 years to establish a prosperous, unified nation-state, and despite formidable obstacles--a A stronger, divided Iraq?  “Contrary to what most people think, I say if you withdraw American military support and presence from Iraqi cities and subsequently from Iraq as a whole,

President must not sell out Kurdish Iraq

First off, let me correct my mistake in identifying citizens of the Kurdistan Regional Government as "Kurds," because their leaders prefer the term Kurdistanis, a label

Mosul Christians Reluctant to Return  Christians from Mosul are hesitant about returning home despite cash offerings and pledges of stronger security in and around the volatile northern city.  Ex-Kurdish Leader Takes On Old Allies  A prominent Kurdish political figure who co-founded the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK, is using his influential media company to challenge the party and 

Iraqi PM Feuds With Kurdish Parties Over Local Councils BAGHDAD --Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki stepped up a war of words with the country's Kurdish parties Wednesday over the issue of pro-government local

Iraqi Military Operation in Diyala Province Risks Renewal of Kurdish-Arab Conflict As tensions rise between Iraqi Kurds, Arab Sunnis, and Arab Shiites in ethnically mixed Diyala Province during a massive and ongoing military operation by 

Put Kirkuk to a vote, analysts say

The status of the ethnically diverse city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq may be best settled by a public vote on the matter, analysts said. Iran sentences Kurdish women's rights activist to jail: report TEHRAN - An Iranian appeals court has upheld a four-year jail term handed down to a Kurdish women's rights activist, a press report said on Sunday.

Foreign money pours into Iraqi Kurdistan ERBIL, Iraq -- A regional law offering incentives to foreign investors in Iraqi Kurdistan has brought in nearly $16 billion in pledged projects, Kurdish officials Women Claim New Law Erodes Their Rights  Secular women’s groups and religious leaders are battling over how much influence Islamic law should have over Iraqi Kurdistan’s new personal status  Tens of thousands in Istanbul rally for peace 

Tens of thousands of people gathered yesterday in Kad?köy district on Istanbul's Anatolian side demanding a “peaceful solution” to the Kurdish problem. 

Kurdish politician calls for dialogue with PKK

The prominent Kurdish politician Leyla Zana has called for dialogue to end the quarter century of conflict that has scarred south-eastern Turkey and killed more Kurdish Alliance rejects dividing Kirkuk into 4 constituencies A Kurdish lawmaker on Monday rejected the proposal to divide Kirkuk into four constituencies, branding it as “unconstitutional.” Dancing with the Kurds This past weekend, I spent time with Kurds; the first event being an all-day hearing on the Hill involving Kirkuk, the much-disputed oil-rich Iraqi city known as the

Türk to Erdo?an: PKK not cause, but effect of Kurdish problem

Ahmet Türk, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), said yesterday that the outlawed Kurdistan

Experts Urge Power-Sharing for Kirkuk

Kurds should explore the possibility of a power-sharing agreement for Kirkuk because the competing claims of the province’s communities will not be resolved


SULAYMANIA, Iraq - A slender frame and quiet demeanor belie the fiery online presence of Nasseh Abdel Raheem Rashid, a 29-year-old biology student

In Northern Iraq, the Kurds Find Success Amid Struggle 

The script for Iraq was supposed to go like this: The dictator topples; the oppressed masses celebrate; democracy takes root; and the United States, 

Deniz Ulke Aribogan: Turkey to break up in two years? 

ISTANBUL, (PanARMENIAN) - All pillars of the Turkish state are being attacked, said Deniz Ulke Aribogan, rector of the Istanbul's Bahcesehir University. 

Red tape: True friend from Iraq deserves better treatment

In a case that might make Joseph Heller's farcical "Catch 22" seem mundane, the case of Iraqi translator Saman Kareem Ahmad is enough to make one wince in 

Man on the hilltop

For decades Nawshirwan Mustafa fought for Kurdish autonomy against the tyranny of Baghdad. The steely-eyed intellectual turned guerrilla commander

Halabjans Wary of New Aid Pledges

The Kurdish town of Halabja, site of a brutal chemical weapons attack by Saddam Hussein’s forces, is being promised millions of US dollars of aid, after Kurdish dreams, Middle East realities In an increasingly globalised world, few places symbolise state power and security challenges more than the border zone between Turkey and Iraqi New York Times Touts Old Kurdish Investment Plan as New Initiative Recent reports quoting Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as announcing $12 billion in new investments in the predominantly Kurdish southeast

Turkish incursion into Northern Iraq: Military Fiasco, Political Debacle

The February incursion of the Turkish army into northern Iraq has ended in a terrible debacle for both U.S. imperialism and Turkey. The two allies are at

Bombing near hotel shatters calm in Iraq's Kurdish north 

A car bomb Monday evening targeting a hotel in Sulaymaniyah in Iraq's Kurdish Autonomous Region left a guard dead and 28 injured, some of them seriously,

Death Threat Attack on “Freedom of Expression”

The brother-in-law of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani has apologised after threatening to kill a journalist who he said insulted his late father in an article.

Romance gives off heat, light and laughs

Writer-director Jalal “Jay” Jonroy, a Kurdish expatriate who has lived in New York for more than a decade, populates his feature debut with characters who embody

PKK Military Wing Commander: Turkey May Become 'Exact Replica of Iraq'

"We are not attacking anyone. We are not fighting without cause, but are defending our national values, and we show sensitivity - especially when it

EU enlargement chief urges Turkey to promote cultural rights, reduce poverty of Kurds 

BRUSSELS, Belgium: The European Union's enlargement commissioner urged Turkey's government Monday to promote cultural rights and reduce poverty

Kurdish villagers express joy as Turkey ends incursion 

QARAWOLA, Iraq • Iraqi Kurdish villagers expressed joy at the end of Turkey’s eight-day military operation inside northern Iraq yesterday, but many said they

"Newroz" and "Kawa" Reason for Imprisonment? In Turkey, the use of non-Turkish words, for instance from French and English, is common in books and also in names of workplaces and shops.  Kurdish leader presses for independence  KIRKUK, Iraq - The leader of Iraq's Kurdish region says Kurds could have occupied Kirkuk after Baghdad fell, but chose instead to pursue independence Iraqi oil minister "can cancel contracts signed with Kurds" Baghdad - Iraqi Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani has the authority to cancel contracts that oil companies signed with the government of the Kurdish Iraqi Kurds hunger for English For the last two years, Hunar Kamal has tried to learn English in the hope that his language skills will bring him a brighter future.  Turkey's losses reach $300 bln over Kurdish conflict  ANKARA - Turkey has sustained about $300 billion in losses from the 24-year long confrontation with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Turkish government Iraqi parliament opens probe into delays over status of northern oil-rich Kirkuk BAGHDAD: Iraq's parliament on Saturday ordered an inquiry into the delay of a referendum over whether the oil-rich city of Kirkuk will join the semiautonomous Tribal leaders  First our chief of General Staff and then our prime minister acted like scolded children emulating their parents and declared they would not talk to the “tribal U.S. should stop arming Sunni militias: PM Maliki  The United States runs the risk of creating new militias in Iraq if it arms Sunni Arab tribesmen indiscriminately to battle al Qaeda, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Iran: Further information on Fear of torture or ill treatment/ arbitrary arrest: Adnan Hassanpour  Adnan Hassanpour was reportedly transferred to Marivan prison on 26 March,  together with another Kurdish journalist, Mansour Tayfouri. Both were  ‘Threat of honour killing’ The sister of a young Kurdish woman allegedly murdered by her family in a so-called honour killing described yesterday how she had been told she deserved Peanut politics Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems likely to win the House vote on war funding today. It would be a massive blow to her prestige if she didn't. But do not be misled: A Kurdish Leader Fou'ad Ma'soum Asserts: Kirkuk Will Become Part of Iraqi Kurdistan  The Kurds have not submitted an official map and should not be accused of swallowing what is not in the Province. The area of Iraqi Kurdistan is about 80,000 Bush: Iraq timeline could be disastrous President Bush accused congressional Democrats Wednesday of meddling in Iraq war policy and setting a deadline for a U.S. pullout that would have Kurdistan Economic Adviser Joins Iraqi Conference  Dr. Zeki Fattah, senior economic adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government, will share his knowledge of investment laws at Iraq's Aviation, Electricity, and Iraq does not need 'diktat' from Arab summit: FM  RIYADH,-- Iraq's government does not need a "diktat" from the Arabs on how to amend its constitution and boost national reconciliation, Iraqi Foreign Minister Turkish Prosecutors Investigate Erdogan Reference to Kurdish Leader Ocalan ANKARA, -- A Turkish prosecutor launched a formal investigation Monday into Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan over allegations he praised Kurdish rebel Thousands of Iraqis Who Flee to Kurdish Region to Escape War Face Harsh Living Conditions  BAGHDAD, March 21 — About 160,000 Iraqis from outside the mountainous Kurdish north have moved there to flee a growing civil war, according to a draft of A new war may pit Kurd against Arab  KIRKUK, Iraq - While the world focuses on Baghdad’s security, a series of bombings here may be the long-feared start of a second deadly war in Iraq — this Videotape showing executions and destruction of villages played in trial in Iraq BAGHDAD, Iraq  - Prosecutors played a videotape Sunday depicting executions and the destruction of Kurdish villages in the trial of six defendants Kurd fighters may add muscle to Baghdad offensive  When U.S. and Iraqi forces step up an offensive against militants in Baghdad, 4,000 Kurdish soldiers will be there on the frontlines, taking part in their The fight for Muslim women's rights At the end of January, Nazanin Fatehi was released from an Iranian prison. She had been there for almost two years for the "crime" of self-defense against would- Prime defendant admits responsibility for evictions in Anfal Baghdad – The prime defendant in anti-Kurds Anfal case Ali Hassan al-Majid, Saddam's cousin, admitted on Wednesday responsibility for the evictions against  Kurdish activist talks human rights at FSU magine watching your village turn into rubble from bombs or learning that a friend or family member had been jailed and tortured. Unbeknownst to most Americans, this _____________________________________ Some assistance getting into Iraq As the largest humanitarian organization in the world, the impact of the Red Cross can be felt in nearly every country. The 140-year-old International Red Cross and Kurdish Force Heads to Baghdad Battle Zone In a garage, one Kurdish soldier welded a machine-gun mount for the gun turret on top of his British-made armored vehicle. Outside, other soldiers milled around the  IRAQ: Kurdistan, low in violence but lacking services ARBIL - Unlike other parts of the country, the three-province autonomous northern region of Kurdistan is not the Iraq of roadside bombs and beheadings. It is  US forces raid Kurdish refugee camp in northern Iraq Ankara- US troops in Iraq on Wednesday raided a refugee camp housing Turkish Kurds in northern Iraq, Turkish news agencies reported. Abdurrahman Belaf  Iranian detained in Iraq tied to Vienna murders: report Austria’s Oe1 radio said Tuesday that one of the arrested Iranians is Mohammad Jafari-Sahroudi, implicated in the assassination of Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou,  Kurdish battalion moves toward Baghdad  A predominantly Kurdish battalion based in this northern city has started the march toward Baghdad, its commander said, as the Iraqi military gears up for a  Kurds leery of plan to increase forces As part of President Bush's new strategy for Iraq, 8,000 to 10,000 Iraqi troops will deploy to Baghdad from elsewhere in the country in the coming weeks, according  Court drops Kurd charges against Saddam Saddam Hussein's trial for the killing of 180,000 Kurds in the 1980s resumed Monday with the late dictator's seat empty, nine days after he went to the gallows. Resort to 'soft-partition' repair? As the nation and world await President Bush's speech on what could be his last chance to get Iraq policy right, it is time to face the reality that a multiethnic, Is partition an option in Iraq?  WASHINGTON --As President Bush readies a new strategy for Iraq, some experts in Washington are looking beyond the question of U.S. troop levels to what might  'I watched Saddam massacre my village' The massacre, in which about 5 000 people were killed by a combination of mustard gas and the nerve agents sarin, tabun and VX over March 16-17 1988, is  Iraq could open oil reserves to foreign firms  Iraq is preparing to allow foreign companies to exploit its oil reserves, according to a British newspaper report that cited a draft law expected to come before the Iraqi U.S. Has No Victory Strategy for Iraq

After nearly four years of successive disasters in Iraq, which unleashed a civil war and brought the country to its knees, not to speak of the monumental American  Don't Give in to Defeat in Iraq  Winston Churchill's black dog is back. It visited him often, depressing him but never forcing him to give in. The black dog lives in a darkened chamber that some  Baker report dismissed as unrealistic and ill-informed  Amid growing Iraqi criticism of the findings of the Baker-Hamilton commission, senior government figures yesterday expressed bewilderment at a proposal to take  Iraq Kurd leader rejects Baker report as 'inappropriate'  The president of Iraq's Kurdish Autonomous Region issued a strongly worded rebuke of the Iraq Study Group's report on the situation of Iraq and  Minister: Kurdistan 'Must Announce Independence Iraqi Kurdistan's culture minister has said his region must declare its independence from Iraq on 21 March 2007 - the date of Nawroz, the traditional  Saddam's forces filled mass graves with children  Iraqi troops have gunned down mothers cradling infants and slaughtered scores of Kurdish children before bulldozing them

Kurdish leader seeks deal over oil

The prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan hopes to clear up a year-long dispute with Baghdad over the control of oil resources in a forthcoming

US, Britain mull eight Iraq options 

London and Washington are reportedly discussing a range of eight options to tackle escalating violence in Iraq.

Split Iraq possible, says GOP hopeful

The U.S. should consider dividing Iraq among its major ethnic groups if it can be a catalyst for winning the war in that country, Republican U.S. Senate candidate

Kuwait, Kurdistan cooperate in developing oil fields 

Iraqi and Kuwaiti officials plan to secure an agreement of cooperation in the next few months, allowing Kuwait to help Iraq develop its oil fields, according to local 

U.S. Sen. Hutchison suggests partitioning Iraq 

With sectarian violence ever worse in Iraq, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said Monday that more consideration should be given to dividing the country into semi-

The building blocks of an economy

The United States of America is the world's largest economy and it is also a very strong economy. One of the biggest differences between the American economy 

Problems in Iraq should not deter US commitment to freedom

Iraq has brought the quality of political discourse in America to a sad new low point. Republicans accuse Democrats of being  Iraqis pass federalism bill Sunni leaders have strenuously opposed the measure, fearing that it could lead to the breakup of Iraq into a Kurdish region in the north, a Shiite area in the south and 

Intellectuals: Civil measures needed to solve Kurdish problem

A gathering of intellectuals over the weekend warned that military measures alone won't resolve the Kurdish problem, urging civil initiatives as well. 

Partitioning: The Way Out of Iraq 

President Bush has so badly lied himself into a corner that he now needs the bipartisan “Iraq Study Group”—headed by the 

Rice urges Kurds to stay part of Iraq, and Barzani says independence is still an option 

In a surprise visit to Iraqi Kurdistan Region, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in the regional capital of Erbil on Friday, 

A storm in the north

KIRKUK, Iraq - Bombings and shootings are increasing in Iraq’s north as part of a power struggle between Arabs and Kurds. Car bombings in oil-rich Kirkuk grew 

Iraqis to Consider Self-Ruling Regions

raq's feuding ethnic and sectarian groups agreed Sunday to consider amending the constitution and begin debating legislation to create a federated nation, while the 

Conference to discuss Kurdish self-determination 

Keynote speakers will include Kerim Yildiz from the Kurdish Human Rights Project in London, Mark Muller from the Human Rights Committee of England and Wales, 

Former Iraqi general says war was needed

Saddam Hussein had biological and chemical weapons up until just days before Operation Iraqi Freedom started in March 2003, a former advisor to the fallen Iraqi dictator

IRAQ: Displaced villagers in north face harsh conditions

Humanitarian organisations and local authorities in Iraq’s northern Kurdistan region have expressed concerns over the living conditions of more than 900 families 

The Other Iraq

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, virtually everyone from U.S. government officials to Washington think tanks to the mainstream media has subscribed to the 

Hundreds of soldiers cleared of rape, torture of Kurdish woman

A Turkish court has cleared 405 soldiers of the torture and rape of a Kurdish woman in custody in a controversial case dating back more than a decade ago, a 

Iraqi president supports Barzani in brining down Iraqi flag

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Sunday defended the Iraqi Kurdistan region leader's move in the flag dispute, citing a "constitutional vacuum" on the issue, 

Turkish govt under fire as Kurdish violence mounts 

Turkey's government was in the hot seat Monday after a weekend of bloodshed by Kurdish rebels triggered calls for a tough military response and Kurdish politicians 

Goodbye, Hasta La Vista, Iraq 

In his State of the Union address earlier this year, U.S. President George W. Bush had an answer for those critical of his performance in managing the war in Iraq. 

U.S. senator Trent Lott: Iraq is essentially three peoples

President Bush once called me a “deal maker.” I responded, “No, Mr. President, I’m a results maker.” Because I’d rather have 50 percent of something than 100 

Iraqi Arabs See Unlikely Haven With Old Foes

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq Along with a Ferris wheel and ice cream stands, the park at the heart of this Kurdish city has a monument listing the names of dozens of  

Ethnic attacks soaring in Iraq 

A struggle between Sunni and Shiite Muslim extremists seeking to control Baghdad has eclipsed the Sunni insurgency against U.S.-led coalition forces and 

Turkey sharpens response to upsurge in Kurd violence

Turkey is marshaling forces along its border with Iraq as diplomatic efforts have done little to curb a separatist Kurdish group using bases in Iraq to launch attacks 

Kurdish station again in hot water 

The Turkish government has once again complained to Danish authorities about Kurdish television station ROJ-TV. The station has been accused by both Turkey  Kurds Want Genocide to Be Recognised She had lived for years in Binaka village, southeast of Kirkuk, with her family of 15. Their peaceful life ended in April of 1988 when Iraqi army units moved into nearby 

Saddam faces the Kurds for his crimes against humanity

This is a historic day to see Saddam and six of his assistants who masterminded the use of chemical weapons and Anfal operations against the Kurdish people  A Plan to Hold Iraq Together Four months ago, in an opinion piece with Les Gelb, president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, I laid out a detailed plan to keep Iraq together, 

US Senator: Iraq solution dividing the country into various factions 

Resolving the problems in Iraq will require separating the various factions there, with the withdrawal of U.S. troops to come by 2008, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.,  Iraq-based PKK Kurdish rebels offer ceasefire to Turkey  Iraq-based Kurdish separatists from the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) have offered a conditional ceasefire to Turkey, one of the rebel group's leaders said 

Kurds Finally Get Anfal Reckoning 

Rebaz Ghalib Mohammed was just seven years old when Iraqi forces arrested him and nine of his family, deporting them from their small village in Germian province 

Turkey can’t prevent founding of Kurdish state: Galbraith

The American advisor to Iraq’s Kurdish leaders said that Kurds in Turkey would choose a Turkey in the process of joining the European Union over other 

Curses greet Saddam as Kurds watch trial 

The men in this Kurdish cafe in Kurdistan (northern Iraq) hurled their curses at the television screen as it showed Saddam Hussein in court in live coverage of his trial 

Saddam's genocide trial revives Kurd anger

Iraq's ousted leader Saddam Hussein will return to the dock today to face genocide charges in a highly-charged case that has revived bitter memories among the 

Violence melts last remaining pleasures in Baghdad 

"I have brought my family just once this season. Each year is worse than the last," said Abdul Rasoul Majeed, a 40-year old civil servant, savoring a rare vanilla ice-

Thriving Iraqi city where invasion has worked 

Prosperty, deocracy, security ... and even chilled lager. The Mail on Sunday discovers a corner of this benighted country where the invasion HAS worked

Situation in Iraq is grim, growing worse

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Frustration in Washington. Digging in heels in Baghdad. There's little sign that Iraq's government of national unity is bringing together the country's 

Kurdish daily loses distributor

After a dozen years as a weekly newspaper, a Kurdish paper just became a daily but can't reach its readers as the distribution company now refuses to distribute it. 


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