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Awene The most admired Independent Kurdish Newspaper from the heart of Kurdistan.

Khatuzeen Center For Kurdish Women’s Issues

Kurdish Views

Kurdish Democracy’s biggest test yet

United States and the Kurds in the post-Saddam Iraq

“You Cannot Occupy Arab Land”!

Open Letter to the U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on the Iraqi Prime ..

Why Palestinians yes, Kurds no? 

And It Has All Come To This!!

Half-a-Century Kurdish Revolution in Vain

The future of Syria can be bright only with the Kurds in it

Why Did the Kurds Not File a Law Suit on Human Rights Violations and Hate Speech against Gülen in the USA As They Did in Turkey?

Barzani and Kurdistan Region: An Open Letter to President Obama

Kurdistan in the shadow of Western betrayal: A critical historical overview 

Halabja: The Symbol of the Kurdish Agony!

Letter of Appeal Concerning the Brutal Murder of Three Kurdish Women Activists in Paris

Do not shelter Ba'athist in Kurdistan!

The President of the United States: Please stop arming Turkey, which is waging a war on freedom

When you entrust the meat to the cat

American Troop Withdrawal from Iraq - Dark and Tragic Days Awaiting the Kurds – Part 3

Nouri Maliki in the shadow of Saddam Hussein 

US withdrawal brings the Kurds closer to Iran

Is Revival Possible with No Health? 

Kurdistan: It's not independence but oil revenues stupid! 

Kurds show revulsion at Turkish attacks & Barzani calls for calm 

Turkish Foreign Policy and Developing Wars

Iraqi leaders met, Maliki forwarded manifesto but failed to address Kurdish PSCs 

A view on Rahman the Kurd and the history of armed struggle in Iranian Kurdistan

Declining oil prices could strain Baghdad-Erbil relations further 

Kurdish national rights and the Turkish breach of honor

Old Games and New Tactics against the Kurds Continue: Who is Supporting the PKK and 

Nouri Maliki in the shadow of Saddam Hussein 

US withdrawal brings the Kurds closer to Iran

Is Revival Possible with No Health? 

Kurdistan: It's not independence but oil revenues stupid! 

Kurds show revulsion at Turkish attacks & Barzani calls for calm 

Turkish Foreign Policy and Developing Wars

Iraqi leaders met, Maliki forwarded manifesto but failed to address Kurdish PSCs & 

A view on Rahman the Kurd and the history of armed struggle in Iranian Kurdistan

Old Games and New Tactics against the Kurds Continue: Who is Supporting the PKK and 

Declining oil prices could strain Baghdad-Erbil relations further 

Kurdish national rights and the Turkish breach of honor

Revival of banking sector in Iraq & Kurdistan Region 

Political motivation behind the IRGC military offenses against Kurdish nation and USA...

Kurdistan Region defy Baghdad & grants new oil contracts

When Will Our Turn Come?

Ex BP Chief to spur a takeover frenzy in Kurdistan Region 

In response to BBC Persian defamatory statements

Culture of dependency & newly proposed welfare reforms in Kurdistan Region 

My tribute to the leaders 

“What Does America’s Eye See?”

What Is the Role of the Media in Promoting a Solution to Kurdish Problem in Turkey? 

Kurdish Minister threatening Journalists & leaders use  Libel laws to silence them 

The AK Party and Turkish Government Dance with the Kurdish People: Same Old Dirty Games 

Nawshirwan Mustafa warns of beating fratricidal war drums

Sardasht Osman; The Icon of Freedom and Struggle against repression

Sardasht Uthman's murder, one year on 

Bin laden's death & Kurdish Islamic parties' silence

Kurdish parliament needs to get its priorities right  Letter on detainig 

Dr. Faruq Rafiq

Is Fethullah Gulen Working for the CIA? 

Kurdish Peshmerga being used to intimidate oppositions into selling out

Middle Eastern Spring in Sulaimani

Letter to: UN secretary general, International Community, International Court of Justice, Human 

Talabani- Barzani Military Junta Will Not Halt the Social Revolution

Sulaymani State of emergency 

Peshmarge Minister gives green light to shoot as PUK extreme elements take charge

Kurdistan is not Tunisia

Who cares about the people? What about Life Here?

Talabani brings Arab troops to Kurdistan as his party clamp down hard on protests 

Analysis: Iraqi Kurd demos threaten image

Turkey lifts ban on some Kurdish candidates, resultsremain to be seen

Catastrophic Flashbacks in Choman’s Escape Journey, 1988

The other Iraq is fast reverting to past Iraq 

Barham Salih dithering while protesters being tortured 

Another bloody day in Kurdistan

Attacks on MPs and Journalists continues in Kurdistan 

The Middle East Uprisings and the Specificities of the Events in Iraqi Kurdistan

Arson attack on Kurdish Association of Victoria! _ ____

PUK may face meltdown unless it stops shooting protesters

Kurdish Security forces attack protesters in Sulemani

Gendered Experiences of Genocide: Anfal survivors in Kurdistan– Iraq a Book by Dr Choman Hardi

Amnesty International condemns torture and Kurds commemorate Anfal genocide 

Your forced marriage has resulted in a dysfunctional government Mr Presidents __

Journalists in Erbil demand end of violations against them & KRG

Peshmerga Minister, secures parliament 

Election at University of Kurdistan- Hawler

Thousands of Kurdish protesters demand resignation of the entire regional government

Kurds in Syria granted citizenship: What Now?

KRG resists dissolution and may opt for a reshuffle 

You are shedding crocodile tears for the Kurds again Mr. Rubin!

Kurdistan’s Genie is Out of the Bottle! 

President Barzani will not tolerate opposition demands while promising KRG style reforms 

Kurdistan: Tunisia or Libya of the Middle East?

Wake up KRG

Could the end game be determined by Kurdistan Region constitution or more bloodshed 

The Demonstration Law is Invalid

Barzani Speech on 21 March Nawroz Day 

Why Should the Kurds Support the BDP Political Party and What Is the Role of a Political Party? 

Bachtyar Ali's Speech to Protesters in Seray Azady 

Civil Disobedience is responded with assault in......

The Kurdish Civil Rights Movement In Turkey Begins!

Gulen’s Missionaries Trying to Gain Hollywood and Media Industries in the USA 

Barzani promises reform and protesters remain sceptical 

I celebrated Newroz in Diyarbakir with teary eyes!

The Moment of Pride and the value of protection

Talabani acknowledges protesters and MP vote on their demands

South of Kurdistan: Between the Demands of People and Repressors

Barzani prevent people from Slemani entering Erbil 

Kurdistan Region: Land of Masked Men?

Waves of arrests and abductions of Kurds in Syria

In response to the Press Release posted on heyetnet.org

After All This....What is the Exit Strategy?  

South of Kurdistan: New Revolution and the Role of Novelists and Poets Kirkuk is Too Special for Kurds to Stay Silent Catharsis - in solidarity with the Kurdish youth of Maidany Azadi

University of Kurdistan Hawler Students: Proud Accomplishment

The ‘New Iraq’: white man’s elephant

Kurdistan Regional Government’s Achievements: Critical Analyses

Kurdish Mass Media ---- Plus or Minus?

The Danger for a New Devastating Civil War in Kurdistan

The land I live in

My Response to Mufid Abdullah: Ez êt bêjim "nêre", ew êt bêjîd "dêb dû?e"

The Tangled Web that Keeps Massoud Barzani in Power 

Iraq spins back to its 1st day 

Party politics of Kurdish leadership engenders mayhem in Slêmanî 

Kurdish security forces attack protesters and set site alight

The strike is in Action and the Tents are Up

Another Painful day in Sulaimany, Kurdisatan - Why?  How and who can salvage Kurdistan?

Nervous KDP Puts Security Apparatus into Overdrive   

Petition to hold peaceful demonstration in Erbil turned down 

Fethullah Gulen’s Missionary Charter Schools Coming under Increasing Scrutiny in the United States and around the World

My Message to the Prime Minister, go and Join the Demonstrations

The City of Sulaymaniah, Sad, Depressed and Uncertain 

The legitimate civil disobedience in Southern Kurdistan should be answered!

Why the KDP has Failed to Respond in a Civilised Way in the Events of Sulaymaniah

The saviour is dead

The prominent Kurdish writer Baktiar Ali assemble KDP to Saddam’s Party 

Why the Mood of the South of Kurdistan’s Youth is in a State of Revolution  

Peshmarga Forces should remain neutral

KDP’s Shocking Reaction to Uprising in City of Sulaymaniah 

Please no demonstration against the wrong target

Kurds in Turkey, Syria, and Iran should revolt, as well!

Changing the Middle East with peaceful means

America Has Lost Its Power in the Middle East: No One Will Listen to America Anymore 

Kurdish people know their rulers are debauched 

Why Is Turkey against Bilingualism at the Same Time That Turks Are Opening Schools around the World Teaching Turkish?

The Structure of the Muslim Nations in the Middle East: The Role of Turkey in the Region 

The Iraq War: Rational UtiliterianTheory

First Class Revolution: From Medina to Mecca 

A conference by Ministry of Higher Education to Revitalize Research in Kurdistan

Support Free Speech in Kurdistan

What did the Kurdistan Regional President say?

South of Kurdistan: Mother of all corruption  

Way Too Many Holidays in Kurdistan

The Principle of Growth and Change

President of Kurdistan Masoud Barzani’s Final Speech at 13th Conference 

Soft-genocide in Kurdistan, Iranian ecological terrorism

The Increasing Marginalisation of the Gorran Party 

On the Eve of KDP 13th Conference in Hawler 

President Barzani’s initiative in forming Iraqi government was a minuscule triumph

Gorran Party’s Withdrawal from Kurdistani Coalition: Victory or Defeat?

Can the KDP Dismantle the Free Press in the South of Kurdistan?

Once more PJAK showed willingness for peaceful solution

Turkey still has a long way to go to meet EU’s accession criteria

It is time for president Talabani to retire 

Triumph for audit office (Diwani Chawderi) in Sulaymaniyah and their Chairman Jalal Samagha

Really, Who’s Behind the Bombing in Mahabad?

DC Kurdish Festival of Arts at George Mason University

Why we have failed to achieve our independence ?

Double Dip Sorrow for Family of Journalist Sardasht Osman

Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline belongs to Kurdistan

What If 10 or 15 Years from Now 60% of the United Nations Speak the Turkish Language?

Tyranny of The Majority: Will Turkey Defend Democratic Principles?

America will not withdraw from Iraq 

Another approach to reclaim Kirkuk, disputed areas back 

Debate over Ground Zero Islamic Cultural Center 

Erdogan, Kilicdaroglu, and Genocide of Dersim

The PKK laid down their arms: What will the Turkish government give the Kurds in response? 

Turkish Kemalist military the key obstacle to truce between the Kurds and state

An open letter to Kurdish military officers

The question of democracy and press freedom in Iraqi-Kurdistan

The Taste of Fasting

A Kurdish Autonomous Region in Turkey Modeled on the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) 

Neither violence nor silence

After so many years living in the Diaspora, can you still be part of home?

Gorran leaders need a coherent vision for the future of the Gorran Movement

South Kurdistan: Media in a State of Emergency

Unilateral Proclamation of “Democratic Autonomy” for Kurds in Turkey

Obama’s administration less supportive of Kurdish rights

PKK, PJAK should be delisted from Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO)

Without unraveling Kirkuk crisis, Iraq cannot be stabilized

Farewell Iraq!

Time has changed; PKK cannot be defeated by force

Arbitrary arrest of Kurdish civilians on the rise in Syria

Kurds brawling Kurds!

Gorran movement: ready to expand while confidence 

kicks in  Turkish, Iranian aerial bombings inflict heavy civilians, casualties in Kurdistan

Sovereignty and State Formation in Middle East 

South of Kurdistan: how we can eradicate poverty?

Division of Kurdistan: Its Impact on the Unity of Kurdish National Psyche

Democracy in Kurdistan, under a serious question

The withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, its impact on the future of Iraq and Kurdistan Regional Government.

Turkey’s Terrorist Bias. 

Turkey regrets the death of civilians in flotilla raid?

Will the PUK third conference retire its ‘old time’ leaders? 

The Turkish PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Racist Request in Germany!

Upcoming KNCNA conference

Orientalism in the study of the "Kurdish problem"

The prospect of democracy in the south of Kurdistan 

The impact of partition, behavior, culture, and trauma on Kurdistan

“The Other Iraq” 

Comment on “Open Letter to Barzani and Talabani"

Letter to US Ambassador: "Support democracy not corruption, support people not oligarchy!" 

Resonse to KDP’s Statement on the Murder of Young Journalist Sardasht Osman

Farzad, Ali, Farhad, Shirin, and Mehdi, your dream is alive!

The shock continues & leaves us asking what will happen next?

Launch an immediate probe into killing of Kurdish journalists

Crimes against freedom of expression continue in the KRG controlled areas

Media at War with Ruling Parties 

The Death of Young Journalist Sardasht Osman Shocks the World 

The flare of Kurdish struggle in Iran will not be stubbed out with a few Executions!

Support the nomination of Fellow-Kurds to high profile foreign posts

Steve Tataii Condemns yesterday’s Execution of 5 Precious Kurds by IRRI (Islamic Republic Regime of Iran)

Toppling Iranian regime to liberate East Kurdistan

Most Iraqis endorse the US senate plan to partition Iraq

If Kurds regarded as the enemy of God, I’d rather be atheist

Kurdistan-Saudi ties 

What is our strategy for Kirkuk?

Through the power of unity, victory is achieved!

Defiance to Iran’s Theocracy Continues in Iranian Kurdistan

The PJAK’s battle is the battle against one-self

The Relationship between Kurdish Youth and KRG With reference to Political Participation

We are in more critical need of mass media

Post-Saddam ties among Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan

Empowering back the debarred Sunni Arabs in Iraq 

Minorities reserve equal rights in Kurdistan (part 1)

Thanking Canada

Will the unity government of Nouri Al-Maliki last? 

Gulen and Academic Research: Propaganda Tour to Turkey and for the Gulen Movement

Commemorating the 16th of March (Halabja Day )

PJAK: No sate can blur or blacken our clear and explicit position 

The manipulation of foreign culture in Kurdish society 

Impugning Turkey for Kurdish genocide   

Voting process unfair at best

Iran was behind the arrest of PJAK leader

Iraqi parliamentary elections in USA

Nawshirwan Mustafa: “The issue of the detached areas for us is a big democratic challenge.”

We swear by Peshmarga Forces

Implement article 140 to eschew an ethnic war 

An open letter from Hawlati editor-in-chief Kamal Rauf to Iraqi ....

A Case Commentary: Preparing the Kurdish Case in Turkey

Establish more Schools, Hospitals and Parks 

Pre-election violence in Kurdistan

A Region and a Superpower: A Special Relationship

A review of “Kurds don’t need a country to build a successful state”

A review  of Bachtyar Ali’s brief article:  “Anti Text” 

If the Kurds Were Not Muslim

A journey through growing ripples of Iraqi Oil Industry from the collapse of Othman empire to the US led invasion....

North of Kurdistan: is Turkey returning to the martial law of 1978?

The change  “Goran” between Political Parties & Movemen

Bring down the walls!

Kurdistan Region and the Dangers of Remaining within Iraq

“The Principles of Democratic and Non-democratic Government”

Erdogan’s trip to Iran and Turkey’s tilt towards the Islamic regime in Iran 

Iranian accusations of separatism and treason

What is Mine is Mine; What is Yours is Negotiable

Iraq:Partition is the Only Solution

South of Kurdistan:The Political earthquake will change the political map  Part IV

Iraq’s rapidly growing military capability is a great threat to Kurdistan's future 

Kurdish prisoners have been raped in Iranian prisons since 1979

South of Kurdistan: the political earthquake will change the political map Part III

Kurdish prisoner tortured to death in Omrye

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s longest suicide letter 

Ask not why  They  Did it to us; Ask Why  We  Did it to Ourselves!

Who is behind the recent assassinations in Iranian Kurdistan?

The reason why Iran’s Green Movement has no support in Kurdistan

The debacle of DNO's share sale to Turkish Genel Enerji and the role of Kurdish minister in question

I ran away from death, now I have a fear of life!

The selection of Barham Salih as Kurdistan PM by parliament and the absence of Macavity the Mystery Cat

Healthcare Complaints The cyclical wheel of a Kurdish Universe

Love and Power

A Ministry for Public Health! 

South of Kurdistan : political earthquake will change political map–Part1

Unwanted Ramazan wish! 

New Kurdish Prime Minister and the political fallout

Dr. Kamal Mirawdeli: From Unity to Regionalism


No place like exile   

The Health of Politics 

Let the Kurdish Language Be

Kurdistan Parliament; Health Policy Challanges and Opportunities 

Turkey’s Strategic Awakening

Kurdish Media in 2009

An American Professor Rants Against Kurdistan: Response to Jerry Weinberger

Tensions with Baghdad

Victory for Kurdistan!

Kurdistan's Election: A Chance for a Better Health Care System 

Traumatized and Alienated Physician and Poor and Misguided Patient

For our martyrs sake let us all be united and call it win-win

A win-win Election in Southern Kurdistan

A New Kind of Lobbyists: Kurdish Lobbyists versus Turkish Muslim Missionaries Lobbyists in the USA  (Gulen’s Missionaries

Change is Born, Long may it live 

The inevitability of 'Gorran' Forget the Attractive Actors, Show Me the Ugly Director

Elections in the Kurdistan Regional Government: A Model Democracy or Back to Factionalism? 

The Wasted Brain Space

Nawshirwan Mustafa outlines vision for women's rights in Kurdistan

Kurdistan’s brightest flower  Obstacles in campaigning for the Change List

TWAM, the Third-World Aligned Movement

Arrest Warrant Issued for Jaffar Mustafa (KRG Minister of Defense)

The Change is Inevitable

Response from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office regarding election in the south of Kurdistan KDP and another strategic mistake

Help change along! 

In memories of Armenian Genocide 1915: A Kurdish perspective, April 24th 2009

Jalal Talabani:  Can he turn back time? 

The KDP and PUK coalition in this election cannot prevail 

We are guilty for being innocent, Tonia Kaboodwand’s letter

This is not the way to build Kurdistan’s future 

Iranian Mullahs Under Fire

First step towards a ”change”

A Kurdish view on the Iranian Uprising

Can a democratic election change our society for the better in the South of Kurdistan?

Interview with Arab Association for Kurdish Rights

The Exportation of American Prosperity and the Phantom Economic Recovery

Halluja left Iran too 

The messy world George W. Bush left behind

Self Critique and Privatizing Religion 

Why Iran's Elections Should Be Boycotted

Abolishing Religion for Peace

The Upcoming Election: Overcoming Corrupted Leadership in Kurdistan

Dear President of Kurdistan...Congratulations!

The King Worshiper and the Separatist 

While US administration works for reconciliation in Iraq, hundreds of Kurds lose their lives to .........

Kurdistan Regional Gamblers

Kevin Costner's advertisement and Turkey’s involvement in genocide

Dr Kamal Mirawdeli stands for President of Kurdistan 

Ahmadinejad, Obama, and Change

Tamils Struggle for Independent Homeland will not Disappear   

Fingers That Crush Each Other

Could corruption offer a path to liberation?

PUK: Disunity of Leaders Results in Crumbling Party

Mustafa Barzani and His Immortal Legacy

In the Defense of the Late Mullah Mustafa Barzani

Birth of the Peopledom is Near

Michael wants to be Michael

Can the election eliminate the domination of the 2 leading parties?

Violation of Human Hights of the Baha'is in Iran 

Dr. Kartal and Turkish Inquisition

Mustafa Barzani – The Legacy of His Leadership and His Last Meeting With The Shah Of Iran

A Possible Kurdish – Turkish Spring in the Horizon?

Could Rick Steven be a pretentious Persian Islamic Separatist? 

My Identity is What Makes me Unique

As the World Changes

In response to Qubad Talabani’s comments about Kurds in Diaspora!

The Reconstitution of Iraq 

Elections in Kurdistan: To Have or not to Have the Right to Vote

Dr. Michael Gunter:It is not rational for Turkey to refuse to deal with the PKK

Is Baghdad Trustworthy or ever has been? Madam Clinton, united Iraq is not important 

Charity Commission must intervene to give back Kurdish Cultural Centre to Kurdish community in London

Kurdistan for Sale

Kurdistan in the Age of Globalisation

A State of Admittance

Obama, Roxana, and others

The Kurdish Youth must Invest in Education

Future Threats and Dangers Facing Iraqi Kurdistan Region in Today’s Globalised World 

Anfal families need real help not sympathy  

The pragmatic president, an idealist of yesterday

Natural Logic  

President Obama Speaks to Turkey’s Parliament

Kurdistan’s Parliament Elections

Trillion-Dollar-Plus Foreign Aid To Help Global Economy: Is It in Vain?

Kurds, stuffed turkey, and baracklava 

The road to European Union is through Amed

KRG citizen imprisoned for criticizing Government 

Iraqi President Talabani: Kurdish Independence Is a Dream in a Poem

G20 and lack of grand vision 

Barrack’s letter to Mahmoud 

Maliki’s Overt Message to the Kurdish Leaders 

Who dares declare his wealth and money in Kurdistan region?

Genocide in Kurdistan Recognized and Commemorated 

The Kurdish Summit

Finding Kurdistan

The Economic Crisis: Lessons Yet to be Learned

Hawlati Pays for Freedom 

How could AKP win the hearth of the Kurds?

Time for Democratic Change in Kurdistan

Death and Birth of Halabja 

Open Letter to Joseph Biden, Vice President

I am confused by these names and so should you 

A Presidential Eloquence

Commenting “Darwinism and Logic” 

Darwinism and Logic

The Tsunami is Coming

Islamic Iran settles its old scores in the new Iraq

Being afraid from the unknown

Are Kurds, considered as Turkish citizen?

Interfaith B-Business 

Gandhi, Holocaust survivors and Obama made it, so can we!

To KIU: Model of the Islamic Liberals cannot be successful

We, the cowards!

Response to Kamal Mirawdeli article about the Death of Late Layla Ali 

Kurdistan Islamic Union, a Successful Model of the Islamic-Liberals

The archetype of a Median descendant

Inactive Kurdish youth 

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan's hypocrisy! 

Love for Our Homeland, Kurdistan

A country where whatever happens, nothing happens at all!

South of Kurdistan: Autonomy or Independent

After all these criticisms, what can be done?

Reform in Kurdistan: We and them-What are the reasons for our disagreements?

Appeasing Mullahs by selling out Kurds is wrong! 

KDP/PUK response to the critical report of the four Kurdistani parties

Kurdistan region needs radical changes 

Reform in Kurdistan region between half-baked projects, petrified power mentalities and absent Opposition

On the Economy: Consumption and Low Interest Factors Igniting Economic Growth 

How is the success of a nation’s struggle for freedom measured?

Turkey: Broadcasting in Kurdish Language an Insincere Offer of Reconciliation

Toward a Continental Union

The Forgotten City of Halabja

Economic Scene: The Great Depression Then and Now

The Millennial Generation


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