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Khatuzeen Center For Kurdish Women’s Issues


Marianna Charountaki: “US–Kurdish relations cannot be placed into any specific frame” 

An Interview with the former Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government Professor Fereydun Rafiq Hilmi’s interview by 

The system prevalent in Iraq is a radically unstable system and one, which will eventually, self-destructs because it is not a naturally evolved indigenous set-up

Emotional Interview with the Lawyer of Executed Prisoners: “I Am Speechless”

In an interview with Aso Saleh from Nowrooz TV on May 11, 2010,  Khalil Bahramian , the lawyer of executed political prisoners Farzad Kmangar and 

An interview with Nawshirwan Mustafa

 We do not believe that Kurdish unity is having a single Kurdish list we believe hat Kurdish unity is having one Kurdish line. It is possible for us to have a common

Interview - Mahmood Osman: the solution for PKK problem is in Ankara

Dr. Mahmood Osman, a Kurdish member of the Iraqi Parliament, is currently in the United States to participate in the 21st annual conference of the Kurdish

Interview - Sheikh Jafar, Minister of Peshmarga Affairs

There were many meetings regarding the distribution of the ministries among PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), KDP and the other parties

An Interview With the President of Washington Kurdish Institute Dr. Najmaldin Karim

The president of Washington Kurdish Institute, Dr. Najmaldin Karim, in an interview with Rudaw, said that he disagrees with the idea that New President-

Barham Salih: The current form of the U.S. - Iraq agreement is in the interest of Kurdistan 

In this interview with Rudaw Dr. Barham Salih, the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and the deputy secretary of the Kurdistan Patriotic Union (PUK), says that different

An Interview with writer, director of David & Layla Jay Jonroy 

Every nation has Cultural Attaches to promote the cultural image of their country. Sadly, except Kurds.  KRG and Kurdish organizations everywhere need to 

Be?ikçi: Solution to Kurdish issue needs analytical deliberations first   This highly regarded 69-year-old man is “the Blonde Professor” of Turkey’s Kurds, since -- as Martin van Bruinessen of Utrecht University has very  Chomsky on The Kurds

As for whether the US will remain as a good ally, any Kurd should know the answer to that.  Simply look at history.  No miraculous changes have taken place 

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: head of Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party Diyar Gahrib

Interview with head of Kurdistan Democratic Party Solution by Ara Ibrahim: "PKK has the right to continue its struggle in north Kurdistan and to take advantage

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: Kurdistan Region PM Nechirvan Barzani

In his press conference after his return from Baghdad head of Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) talked about important issues.  It is good that Nechirvan

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: Sheikh Qambar Al-Bayati Sheikh Qambar [Al-Bayati] was born in Kirkuk in 1956 and completed all stages of his education in Kifri. He is a graduate from Agriculture College in Baghdad  Kurdistan issues in press interviews: Dr Fuad Omar

In an interview with Aso, Dr Omar talks about the situation of the opposition in Syria. He says: "I have chosen the democratic way of struggle. I have democratic

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: Dr Mahmud Uthman

Member of Iraqi National Assembly [from Kurdistan Alliance List] Dr Mahmud Uthman thinks that the current military operation in Mosul aims to weaken the

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: KRG riddled with corruption and parochial party politics

In an interview with Aso, member of the political bureau of Kurdistan Communist party (KCP) Subhi Mahdi talks about a number of important party and political

Kurdistan Issues in Press Interviews- Mala Bakhtyar

The first conference of [PUK-affiliated] Bureau of Democratic Organisations (BDO) ended on the evening of 11 May 2008. After the conference the head of

Kurdistan Issues in Press Interviews Nawshirwan Mustafa

First we must not think that when America goes to any country, it does so to take democracy and human rights to that country. America has a global strategy.

Kurdistan issues in press interviews: Sa’di Ahmad Pira 

I want you to know that in PUK it is not forbidden for people to speak. Expression of opinion and criticism are not forbidden either. Sometimes these critiques Kurdistan Issues in Press Interviews: Ali Bapir  Bapir says;” In our country, like all other parts of the world, security forces must belong to government. People should not be detained without court’s decisions

Diyarbak?r Bar’s Tanr?kulu: Kurds are losing their faith in democratic solutions 

Turkey can only reach a consensus on “mother tongue education.” But the problem is that now, in Turkey there is categorical objection to all mother tongues

Interview with head of Washington Kurdish Institute Najm-al-din Karim

We the Kurds still have not reached a result that we can say with certainty that the Kurds would never again face other Anfals and tragedies. We have also  Interview with Hywel Williams  I have always been involved with Plaid Cymru since the early ‘80s. The issue of the Welsh language was one of the things that got me into politics. At the age of

Kurdish intellectual F?rat: Turkey should recognize the Iraqi Kurdish administration Kurdish intellectual Ümit F?rat believes Turkey should abandon its policy of rejecting the Iraqi Kurdish administration and start implementing immediate social Interview with deputy leader of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Kosrat Rasul The deputy president of Kurdistan region MR Kosrat Rsaul has talked to Awena about the recent strategic agreement between their party (PUK) and Kurdistan An Interview with Ann Clwyd Re-building Iraq after thirty years or more of Saddam Hussein’s brutal dictatorship was never going to be easy – estimates vary but up to two million Interview with Gohdar Massom, a Kurdish Member of the Dutch Labour Party   I was born in 1962 as the son of a Kurdish family which was deported to the middle part of Iraq. My father was an active member of the Kurdistan Democratic An Interview with the Kurdish Feminist Writer and Poet Mahabad Qaradagh No doubt, there is a depressing atmosphere hanging over most Kurdish intellectuals. Besides suffering from the lack of services equal, in this regard, to Kurdish Leader Fou'ad Ma'soum Asserts: Kirkuk Will Become Part of Iraqi Kurdistan  The Kurds have not submitted an official map and should not be accused of swallowing what is not in the Province. The area of Iraqi Kurdistan is about 80,000 Iraq: PUK Official Discusses Turkey, Kirkuk  Bahruz Galali, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's (PUK) representative to Ankara, said Iraqi Kurdish leaders are optimistic about the possibility of improving Kurds' relationship to their "others" Prof. Abbas Vali, President of University of Kurdistan-Hawler, spoke to Globe on issues and concepts related to Kurdish nationalism and the current situation of  No intellectual base for Kurdish nationalism

For him nationalism is a product of national movements, and more than that he does not believe that Kurds have been successful in elaborating their Kurdish 

Iraqi President Shares Views on Terrorism Threat, Security 

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani responds to a leaked U.S. intelligence report that says the Iraqi war is increasing the threat of terrorism. He also discusses security 

‘We cannot stand against the Kurds’ 

The first thing Kalkhi Najmaddin Noureddin, secretary general of the Turkmen Democratic Movement and member of the Kurdistan Parliament, stresses is that 

Prime Minister: ‘Kurdistan open for business’ 

KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani reveals his ambitions to turn the Kurdistan Region into the ‘commercial gateway of Iraq’. 

Interview with Talabani: Beyond the cult of personalities 

DUKAN: In an exclusive interview, President Jalal Talabani discusses his resolve to fight terror and corruption, as well as his plan to devise a robust economic 

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani Talks to Asharq Al-Awsat

It is not a condition that Iraq's president should be Kurd but should be - in addition to his humanitarian, political, and other required qualifications - the man of national 

Eland: Partition Iraq

Why does Iraq -- an artificial country invented by British diplomats and composed of three religious and ethnic groups that pretty much hate each other -- have to 

Choman Hardi talks to Penelope MaClachlan

‘I am Kurdish, and female, and these imbue my writing. I grew up in the Middle East in the 1980s with all the restrictions imposed on girls in a patriarchal society. 

 'Saddam's Road to Hell'

Producer Gwynne Roberts was online Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 11 a.m. ET to discuss the PBS Frontline/World film "Saddam's Road to Hell," which follows the 

Curtailing Militias Key to Formation of Iraqi Security Forces

As the insurgency rages on, Iraqis' chief need, besides water and electricity, is security. Much of the country's future security situation hinges not only on Iraqis' 

Hajim Alhasani - Kurdish leaders made their choice; No Kurdistan but Iraq 

( National Review) by Jay Nordlinger - An interview with the president of the Iraqi Parliament, Hajim Alhasani. Mr Alhasani said that the Kurdish leaders

America's top general in Iraq tells what can and can't be done. Dec. 26, 2005 - Jan 2, 2006 issue - General George Casey has been in charge of U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq since June 2004. He oversaw U.S. forces when  Peter Galbraith: Divided, Iraq Can Stand  

As the Bush administration faces increasing doubts about its performance in Iraq, its critics, spanning party lines, have sought ways to break the tedium of violence 

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