Mardin Ibrahim


Mardin Ibrahim  was born in Southern Kurdistan-Iraq among uncertainty and pessimism. He grew up under despotism, a depressing political situation and war. He normally writes long poems in Kurdish. His first book " Jasmines of Death" was published in Kurdish in 1999. At present time he is studying and living in UK.


Your aged rocks were my only toys

Your narrow roads were my only cradle

I was your shabby clothed orphan, your faithful knight

Protecting you from devastating winds

Fighting for you insanely with my wooden sword

When I left you

Your dusty vineyards, your deserted cemeteries,

your poisonous rivers, sleepy frogs in tobacco fields were 

weeping on my shoulders

Am I still not your barefoot child?

Where is your old day’s eagerness for me?

Who put a curse on you? Tell me who? Tell me why?

Why have you forgotten me in a blink of an eye?


* Kanakawa is a village in Kurdistan and also my birthplace

Let’s Cry for Him 

Mardin Ibrahim 

To Dler Jakau 

Let’s cry on the crown of lilies 

   for his paranoid letters 

Let’s cry for the loneliness 

   beyond his bitter smiles 

Who was it broke our soul 

   in the break of a day? 

Who tore up his promise with the dawn? 

On our incurable heart

   for his murdered melodies 

   for his stolen, bereaved vases

On our luminous sadness

Let’s cry, let’s cry for him. 

When I was thirsty in Mecca 

He could not drink wine in Jerusalem 

When I was anxious in Egypt 

   he could not sleep in Rome 

When he was engulfed by leaves 

   on the horizon of the West 

I could not bear his blame 

I was sobbing in the East 

Where are they, the hidden seasons? 

Where are they buried, the purple days? 

Instead of taking photos

Under barbarian trees

Instead of singing lullabies 

   on ironic, fatal notes 

Instead of laughing at treasonous jokes 

Let’s cry, let’s cry for him. 

Mardin Ibrahim

December 2005

We Were Five Wild Men 

Mardin Ibrahim

We were five wild men-

In a twilight

When the rivers slept

We lost our home

We lost our innocence.


We were five wild men

Crying like

Five abandoned kittens,

Like five small birds

Who had lost their nest?


We were the real sinners

We drank the wine of knowledge. 

We were the real sinners- 

We left our birthplace.

….. …. …. 

We escaped from the place 

But the time captured us. 

We escaped from home

But exile snared us.

We escaped from the darkness 

But oh, the light killed us. 

… … .. .. .. 

We were five wild men-

When God slept

We lost our faith.

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