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 Dr. Aland Mizell

Dr. Aland Mizell is with the University of Mindanao School of Social Science, President of the MCI and a regular contributor to the Kurdishaspect.com,  Kurdistan Tribune, and Kurdish Media .You may reach the author via email at: aland_mizell2@hotmail.com 

Will Gülen and Gülenists Testify before the Prosecutor for Supporting the Case of the Military Coup in 1997? 

Why Did the Kurds Not File a Law Suit on Human Rights Violations and Hate Speech against Gülen in the USA As They Did in Turkey?

In the Past Turkey Was a Gendarmerie State: Now It Is a Police State

Turkish Justice: Gulen’s Recent Response to Uludere Massacre

Gulenists’ and the Turkish Government’s Fraudulence War on the KCK: A Masterpiece of Propaganda with the Real Goal of Getting Rid of the BDP Kurdish Party 

Gulen’s New Strategy for Solving the Kurdish Problem: Why Gülen Was Silent about the Kurdish Problems for Decades

The Obstacles to Kurdish Nationhood:  Kurds Should Not Get Lost in the Shuffle Again 

Obama‘s Race to Top Policy Helps Turkish Gülen Missionary Charters Schools Race to Conquer America

Old Games and New Tactics against the Kurds Continue: Who is Supporting the PKK and to What End?

President Assad, a Muslim Cannot Kill 

What Is the Role of the Media in Promoting a Solution to Kurdish Problem in Turkey? 

The AK Party and Turkish Government Dance with the Kurdish People: Same Old Dirty Games 

Is Fethullah Gulen Working for the CIA?  Why Should the Kurds Support the BDP Political Party and What Is the Role of a Political Party? 

Gulen’s Missionaries Trying to Gain Hollywood and Media Industries in the USA 

Fethullah Gulen’s Missionary Charter Schools Coming under Increasing Scrutiny in the United States and around the World

America Has Lost Its Power in the Middle East: No One Will Listen to America Anymore 

Why Is Turkey against Bilingualism at the Same Time That Turks Are Opening Schools around the World Teaching Turkish?

The Structure of the Muslim Nations in the Middle East: The Role of Turkey in the Region 

First Class Revolution: From Medina to Mecca 

What If 10 or 15 Years from Now 60% of the United Nations Speak the Turkish Language? Tyranny of The Majority: Will Turkey Defend Democratic Principles? The PKK laid down their arms: What will the Turkish government give the Kurds in response? 

A Kurdish Autonomous Region in Turkey Modeled on the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) 

Gulen and Academic Research: Propaganda Tour to Turkey and for the Gulen Movement

A New Kind of Lobbyists: Kurdish Lobbyists versus Turkish Muslim Missionaries Lobbyists in the USA  (Gulen’s Missionaries)

A First Class Revolution: Gülen’s Utopia Society 

Turkish Muslim Missionaries Plan to Take America: Fethullah Gülen‘s Missionaries in America 

How States Use the Kurdish Card as Their Tools for Foreign Policy: Oil, Water, and Geopolitics of Kurdistan in the Middle East

Democracy And Kinship: Who Rules?

The Status of the Minorities in South East Asia: Why Can’t Turkey Be Like the Philippines?

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